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Five great quotes from Thursday's New Orleans Saints training camp practice

Coach Sean Payton, Pete Carmichael and players met with the media after practice

New Orleans Saints players continue their preparations for the 2020 NFL season during Training Camp practice on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2020.

Five of the best quotes from the media session following Thursday's New Orleans Saints training camp practice

Safety Malcolm Jenkins on the talent-rich Saints roster

"Honestly, stepping back into the Saints facility, the organization's been very nostalgic for me obviously, being the place I started at, but this is probably the most talented team I've been a part of since the 2017 Eagles team and I tell everybody, when I stepped in it was very apparent very early on, like, I don't understand how you guys haven't won a Super Bowl in the last three seasons. There is just that much talent on the roster. As a leader it is just looking at it like, well, how do we not mess this up? How do we continue to keep guys engaged and motivated and constantly striving to compete and improve and grow? I think that's the largest part is how do we get over that hump? I know that's one of the roles that that I was brought here to produce. So that's really what I'm focused on now."

New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton on the importance of young players making every rep count

"Well, look, we're just needing to get a lot of these competitive periods because they're going to have to some degree take the place of some of the preseason snaps that that young players have a chance to turn heads or make an impression. So every day we're in periods or having periods with a live element to them that matter because that's part of the evaluation. And if you're a younger player trying to make a roster, you have to somehow (one way) or another, you have to make sure they know who your name is. And so we have got to give them those opportunities and we have got to embrace that competition."

Wide receiver Michael Thomas on playing alongside offseason acquisition Emmanuel Sanders

"I love it. He's a competitor. Yeah, he's played a lot of football. I always say that, but he's still real fresh. (He) Still has a lot left in the tank, you can tell. He comes out here with a since of urgency trying to get better whenever you're ready to compete as hard as you can, you know, how to compete at a high level and come out every day, put everything aside and just compete. You're going to be successful. So I learned, that's what I respect the most about him. Since Day One he came out here he's trying to get better and he's always working on his game on the side also. I'm excited to see him in our offense as well."

Running back Ty Montgomery on being involved with the Saints offense

"It's a lot of fun. It's the most brilliant I've ever had, in an offense. They're just asking you to win. I know I'm using that word a lot. That's a very important word around here, winning. It's what we care about, it's what we're trying to do, so. Still the same. Still very excited, very happy to be here. I am grateful to be here. The atmosphere is very special. I mean, everyday I come out here to get on the stretch lines, I'm just filled with gratitude for just being a part of the Black and Gold and being a New Orleans Saint, having guys around me. I'm just thankful to be here. I'm right where I'm supposed to be I guess."

Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael on Jameis Winston getting a grasp of the offense

"Well, I think it's, I think experience obviously goes a long way. But he's been quick, like I said, he's been quick to speed, to catch up to our terminology. And, you know, there's obviously things that are different about our offense. And so, you know, he's really focused in the classroom and, you know, he hangs on every word that Sean Payton or Joe Lombardi is telling him. And, you know, one thing that we talked about is, you know as a coach to him, he goes out in the field and his ability to try to do it the way that it's being coached. And that's been a pleasant so far."

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