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Five great quotes from Monday's New Orleans Saints training camp practice

Coach Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Cam Jordan and Nigel Bradham spoke with the media

Five of the best quotes from the media session following Monday's New Orleans Saints training camp practice

1. Quarterback Drew Brees on why his interceptions have decreased the past few seasons

"It's that fine line between playing so confident and aggressive, that you know when to take the chance or when not to take the chance, right? How to kind of calculate how high percentage that throw is or how necessary that throw is in that situation versus just checking it down, maybe playing a little bit more safe, and then coming back to it another time. It just comes with experience. I would say that certainly over the last three years especially I've really tried to make a great emphasis on the decision-making that goes into taking care of the football. It doesn't take away the confidence, it doesn't take away the aggressive nature, but there just is that element of understanding just how important a statistic is and winning and losing."

2. Brees on Michael Thomas wanting to break his own single-season receptions record

"I think that just goes to show where his head's at, his level of preparation, intensity, expectation level and just how he approaches each and every day and each and every game. ... There is always a place where Mike is going to create some separation or give you a place where you can throw the ball where he can get it and the other guy can't. I think most elite receivers, No. 1s, have that mentality like, man, I'm never covered, I'm always going to find a way to get open."

3. Defensive end Cameron Jordan on the Saints defensive line

"It's not about me being the best that I can be, it's about me being the best that I can be, being able to push Sheldon (Rankins) to be the best that he can be, Sheldon being the best that he can be, being able to push me and Marcus (Davenport) to be the best that we can be. It comes full circle. So it's not just about how I feel, even though I do feel great, as my hair will tell you. But it's about our defensive line being as great as we can be, pushing our defense to be as best as we can be."

4. Coach Sean Payton on new quarterback Jameis Winston

"Look, he's doing well. I've been pleased. He's in great shape. He has a real live arm. Man, I love his attitude, his work ethic. He's doing very well."

5. Linebacker Nigel Bradham on safety Malcolm Jenkins

"He's a tremendous player. He's everything you want in a safety. His ability, his instincts for one, is undeniable. Being able to read routes and get recognition just by formations and his communication on the field is another key part. He's very quick on all his keys and reads. He's very quickly to recognize run/pass situations and things of that nature. So he's definitely an upper hand for us. His knowledge is unbelievable, his IQ man. He is pretty much another coordinator out there and I think that's where you have the advantage playing with Malcolm."

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