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Five best quotes from New Orleans Saints rookie minicamp

Picking out some of the best comments from this past weekend

  1. "We're signing Devon Walker to a contract today with the New Orleans Saints. He was a team captain for the Green Wave in 2012. He came in as a walk-on in 2009, earned a scholarship and became a starting safety, obviously he's been an inspiration to our region and community, the Tulane family and it's carried over to us at the Saints. It's a pretty good day for him in the morning getting signed, graduating in the afternoon, so he's officially (a Saint). I don't know when Mickey (Loomis) is having him sign the contract. I'd make sure to look it over though (laughter), make sure you have the correct bonus in there. But we're going sign him today to a contract. I'm proud to be up there with him. I'm super-proud of his recovery and the way he's handled and approached this. I know he and his family are thankful for the support of so many that have helped him through this process."

- Saints Coach Sean Payton on signing Devon Walker

  1. "It's almost like one of my dreams come true. I've been a Saints fan almost since I was walking (as a kid). Just to be a part of the team and be around the players is more than I could hope for."

- Walker

  1. "Any time a player is handpicked by Sean Payton to play offense and is a receiver, you better believe he's going to be something, so I'm anxious to see him. This guy opens your eyes. You can feel his speed, so it's something that Al Davis used to say 'Can you feel his speed?' You can feel his speed and I'm looking forward to seeing him. I know Sean and he'll create roles to get this guy involved and it will be awesome."
    - Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan on first-round pick Brandin Cooks
  1. "I'm just approaching it how everyone else would. I'm coming in here full-go. I'm coming here to compete for a starting spot, coming here to make plays, but at the same time, be a great teammate."

- Cooks on participating in rookie minicamp

  1. "There are some rookies that learn exceptionally fast and they pick it up right away and there are some veterans the same way.  They may understand the ropes a little bit more, but in saying that there are some veterans maybe that don't pick things up as easily.  It is a mixed bag and we try and really once they get here, put the name on the helmet and really go by what we see."

- Payton on how to evaluate rookie minicamp performance


Defensive photos from Saints 2014 Rookie Camp. Photos by Michael C. Hebert


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