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Five best quotes from New Orleans Saints minicamp

Players, coaches had a lot to say

1. New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton on rookie Derrick Strozier:

"To his credit, his work out here on the local day was fantastic. He is very smart. He picks things up very quickly.  He is sudden. He has good hands. It was a good addition for us. The transition for him has gone quick and he is one of those guys that just has very good football instincts.  It has been pretty rapid and I don't know that many of our guys here would even know that he was playing defense last year or the year before."

2. Saints quarterback Drew Brees on receiver Marques Colston:

"There's guys that are rules guys, in other words, this is the rule, this is the way it is on paper, this is the way you do it and there's other guys that are guidelines guys like here's kind of what's in the framework of these guidelines as to how this route is to be run but if you feel something or see something and you're on the same page as the quarterback then you, by all means, do it. Marques is a guidelines guy."

3. Coach Payton on how the Saints match up against Seattle and San Francisco:

"It's kind of early right now.  We are at 90 players and we are in minicamp.  Hopefully, we will see.  We will get a chance to see when the season starts.  It is a great thing about our league, it goes by wins and losses and you advance and put yourself in a position if you are good enough to get to the playoffs, but all of that is ahead of us right now. We will get a chance. That is why we are working."

4. Defensive coordinator Rob Ryan on whether the team wants to be the No. 1-ranked defense:

"I think it's a goal for everywhere. Here in New Orleans, we talk about 'team'. Everything is 'team,' ever since I've been here it's 'team.' It's awesome to be a part of that. Everybody's here for a reason. I think Sean (Payton) and Mickey (Loomis) have picked everybody here for a reason. Our goals are team goals, and we just want to win as many as we can and win it all. If that happens to take the number one defense, then so be it. That'd be fine."

5. Saints running back Travaris Cadet on how he fits into the offense:

"This is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. I'm going to do my best to take advantage of the opportunity. Just take it a day at a time, keep working. It's all about progression. (I'm improving) every aspect of my game – blitz pickup, whether it's covering on special teams, whether it's returning kicks, whether it's route running, whether it's reading keys on a specific route run or reading my keys on a run.

"(The goal is) being a complete player, not being a master of a few things but a master of everything. I want to be a master of every position they ask me to play."

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