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Fans Take: "Who is the Scariest Saint to Face on the Field?"

Saints fan voice who they believe is the scariest Saints player to face on the field

On Friday, May 13th, the Saints asked their fans on social media "Who is the Scariest Saint to face on the field and why?"

Listed below are some the best answers fans gave:

From Facebook follower Kelly Harris: Marques Colston - the Quiet Storm. He decimates teams' defenses and silences the opposing crowd as he jukes linebackers, soars over DBs and scores.

From Twitter follower @bucklezzzman:@Official_Saints how about the best guard tandem in the league, Carl Nicks & Jahri Evans?! If 6'5, 350 coming at you isn't scary I don't know what is!

From Facebook follower Jennifer Russell: That twelfth man in the 'Dome. Our guys are amazing, but when they've got all those crazy fans behind them, it's spooky!

From Twitter follower @DDTolbert:@JonVilma51 is a BEAST and will make that offense Scream 4 help! #Friday13th

From Twitter follower @jkennedy251: @Official_Saints  Craig "Ironhead'' Heyward! The name alone in addition to his "bruising" running style was enough to strike fear in to any DB!

From Facebook follower Frank Lipcsak: Lance Moore... he always finds a way to get open, he's extremely smart, and he catches everything thrown his way. There is no defending against him... of course a lot of credit for this has to go to Colston, Henderson and Meachem.
From Twitter follower @Justinvj:
@OfficialSaints Tom Dempsey because his kicks even scare Chuck Norris.
From Twitter follower @SonnyLoco:
Saints Not one player, but the old school DOME PATROL!! No one wanted to face Swilling, Jackson, Mills and Vaughn!!!
From Facebook follower Terrance LaVon Lee:
Currently Drew Brees would be the scariest player to have to face. He shreds defenses regularly. The scariest Saint ever would have to be Rickey Jackson...relentless!

From Twitter follower @Daybreaker:@OfficialSaints Drew Brees is who Freddy Krueger has nightmares about.
**From Facebook follower Norbert Boudreaux: **
Deuce was the scariest. He was a player that no matter how much he was hurt he would still open the middle of the pile like a can opener.
**From Twitter follower @Erica
Day: **
@Official_Saints Sedrick Elis! Have you seen how big he is? Makes you think Freddy is coming for you...RUN FAR AWAY! #Friday13th

From Facebook follower Bobby Autin: Vilma, seems like one of the nicest guys in the world off the field, but on the field, he's in another zone...I wouldn't want to be in his way!

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