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Elmer Chocolate Introduces Saints Collection

Ponchatoula candy company is latest Saints partner


Known for its Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Easter treats, Elmer Chocolate has now added a new season to its product mix: FOOTBALL SEASON.

Located in Ponchatoula, LA, the 155 year-old company is known locally for GOLD BRICK, HEAVENLY HASH, and PECAN EGGS. The company is also the second largest Valentine heart manufacturer in the United States.  Elmer Chocolate hearts are sold worldwide in 8 different countries.

However, Saints fans have more reason to cheer as Elmer's has taken the area's top two Easter items, GOLD BRICK and HEAVENLY HASH, and partnered with the New Orleans Saints to introduce BLACK & GOLD BRICK and HALFTIME HEAVENLY HASH.

"Elmer Chocolate is proud to be associated with the New Orleans Saints, and we are amazed by the response to our Black & Gold Brick and Halftime Heavenly Hash chocolates," said Robert Nelson, President & CEO of Elmer Chocolate. 

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"We are proud of our partnership with Elmer Chocolate and honored that they have memorialized the Saints' success with celebration products," said Saints Owner/Executive Vice President Rita Benson LeBlanc. "Delectable Elmer Chocolate, a local institution that has had a long standing tradition of supporting the Saints, has seen fit to commemorate the Saints' Super Bowl XLIV Championship victory with these unique confection products and we are sure our fans will enjoy devouring them, as I will."

The BLACK & GOLD BRICK name will also be extended to Elmer's GOLD BRICK TOPPING, the original hard shell ice cream topping.  Made with the same pecan melt-a-way as in the center of GOLD BRICK, this is a special treat when poured over ice cream, used as a dip for chilled fruit or simply straight out of the jar. 

As a Saints season ticket holder from day one of the Franchise, Elmer Chocolate has certainly been a part of the recent Super Bowl celebration. Now, the chocolate experts are adding their own unique perspective to revel in the Saints achievement. With its new tag line, "Celebrate with Chocolate™," Elmer Chocolate gives Saints fans still another way to celebrate the Saints Super Bowl victory and the upcoming 2010 season.

"The Saints project started out with Elmer employees excited about the Saints success and looking for a way to support the team," continued Nelson. "The buzz began to spread, customers jumped on board in a big way, and the excitement level has far surpassed our expectations."

GOLD BRICK was formulated by Elmer's in 1936.  The HEAVENLY HASH name and recipe was acquired from a downtown New Orleans department store in 1923.

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