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Eagles Breakdown Monday Night's Game Against the Saints

Eagles HC Andy Reid and QB Michael Vick held a conference call with New Orleans media members on Thursday


Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach and Executive VP/Football Operations Andy Reid
Conference Call with the New Orleans Media
Thursday, November 01, 2012

How tough or how easy was it to go with Michael Vick as the starting quarterback for another week?
"I never switched it, that's just how it was perceived. He is our starting, he has been our starting quarterback and will continue to be our starting quarterback."

Were you surprised that Michael Vick came out last week and hinted at the possibility of being replaced?
"They asked him a question based on one of my questions and answers. That's how he answered it. I wasn't worried about the way he answered it. He actually did it respectful to the team and me and the whole deal. That's not where I was at. We talk every day so it was important. He knew after that, after we talked."

Were you encouraged by not having turnovers there last week?
"I thought he did a nice job of managing the game, yes."

When you look at the Saints, do you get a sense of what their problems are?
"Listen, I've got a lot of respect for their defensive coordinator. I think you guys know that. They've got a lot of good players on that defense. Just like we are, they're trying to work things out. Who am I to say anything?"

Do you believe that both teams have their backs against the wall? Are both teams desperate?
"I think you could probably ask that to the Atlanta Falcons every week. They're an undefeated football team and they'd tell you the same thing. That's how you operate in this league, you prepare yourself to win the game. That's how you go about your business. If you ask the teams that are struggling or if you ask the teams that are doing well, I think they're probably going to give you the same answer."

Do you feel like you are coaching for your job?
"I don't even go there. What I try to do is I try to control the things that I can control and that is trying to get my football team better."

Have you noticed a difference in what the Saints do without Sean Payton?
"I have the utmost respect for Sean Payton. I think he is one of the fine head coaches in this league. I understand the whole things. I'll compliment their team for hanging in there and doing what they're doing."

The turnovers have hurt your team, but have you seen flashes where they looked good?
"I have. I know we can be better than what we are. That's a positive and it's something to look forward to and work forward to. That's what we're doing."

Philadelphia Eagles QB Michael Vick
Conference Call with New Orleans Media
Thursday, November 01, 2012

What's your view on where your team is at this point?
"I feel like things could be a lot better. I think not only myself but everybody on this team feels like there is more that they can do to help put us in position to be satisfied with our record. In this game, you just have to keep pushing and try to keep getting better every week. The best teams at the end of year are usually the teams that compete for a championship."

How do you feel about playing in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome Monday night?
"We are coming to play in a hostile environment and (the Saints) will thrive off that. We have to come in with confidence and assertiveness. We understand that this is a tough place to play. We are up to the challenge and we had a great day of practice. We are looking forward to Monday night."

Are you worried about the implications this game could have on your team's playoff chances with a loss?
"We are not looking at it like that. We are looking at it as if it is a playoff game for us. It's a big game for us. We aren't thinking about any type of stipulations involved in the game. It's a big game for us and we can't look any further than that. We can't say 'if we lose, this is what's going to happen.' We have to go in with confidence and be ready to play."

How difficult is it for you to ignore the chatter about your job status as a starter and Andy Reid's job status?
"The last two or three weeks it has been weighing heavily on me because I just thought it all could have been avoided. What I have done this week is just throw it all out the window and I am ready to get back to playing football and playing my style of football and having fun doing it. That whole conversation just took a life of its own. It took a lot out of the game of football for me for a while. Trying to play conservative and trying play not to the turn the ball over. That's not the way to play football. I have to go out there and give it everything I got. I would rather go out there and give it everything I have then to not do it."

How important will it be to get LeSean McCoy a lot of touches this week?
"It's so important to get LeSean the ball. We have to give him ample opportunity to go out there and help carry this football team. It's a challenge for our offensive line to open up holes for him and give him lanes to run in. We are all banking on that and I think we can get that done."  

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