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Drew Brees talks about game against Buccaneers

Quotes from Drew Brees' postgame interview

On how much the hit in the first half affected him for the remainder of the game:

"Maybe on a few throws."

On his offensive playbook being limited after a big hit in first half:

"I have no idea."

On if it affected him throughout game or just on a few throws:

"I'd say it affected me on a few of the throws down the field. They just didn't come out very well."

On not making games like this a habit for them going forward:

"We just need to find our rhythm offensively. Today, look no further than the three turnovers. Those were obviously extremely costly. We put our defense in a tough spot and kind of just halted our momentum right when we started to get something going. That was very disappointing, especially at the end of the game, when we felt like we were going to make a run at winning the game. Our defense was able to get a couple of balls back for us too tonight, and we just did not execute on those opportunities. There are always ebbs and flows of the game, but we just have to execute better. Just from a points perspective, we walked out of that first half just not feeling very productive. We didn't have much going from both the run game and the pass game. Nothing they did confused us, and obviously, they were able to get pressure on us a couple of times, but we just didn't execute. Our first quarter rushing attack wasn't really great, so we need to find ways to start faster offensively."

On whether today was one of the team's more frustrating games offensively:

"Yeah, it just seemed like no real rhythm was ever found. Usually, you'll have a couple of drives that don't go your way, or three and outs, and you have to find a way to get a first down to get things rolling. We just never really felt like we had any great rhythm going throughout the game."

On what happened to allow the run game to open up in the second half:

"We were just gradually wearing on their defense a little bit. They are a very good pass rush team with a lot of movement. At times, that can work to their advantage, and other times that allows us to get it moved and have some big holes, and Khiry (Robinson) and Mark (Ingram) were able to find those."

On why it's been so difficult to find that rhythm:

"I think that it's really execution. I can look to a few plays in each of these last two games where we should have made that play, and how that would have affected the drive. Maybe it would have been a 20-yard gain and really started something for us, possibly built some confidence. The keys to this game are confidence and momentum. How do you create that? Well, you create that with getting that (initial) first down, or maybe getting that big play. Field position, as well, is a huge factor. Getting the ball at your own 40-yard line is much better than having the ball at your own 10-yard line, in regards to your mindset and how aggressive you feel like you can be as a play caller, as well as all these other things. I look at the first half and say, 'Man, we played that entire first half on our side of the field, with the exception of that one drive where we went down and got a touchdown. I felt like we were giving it to them at their 40 yard line or right around midfield every time, and we were taking the ball inside our own 10 yard line. Shame on us as on offense for not doing something about it and executing to maybe flip the field. That's got to change too."

On level of concern right now:

"I wouldn't say there's a big level of concern, mainly just disappointment in knowing that we have put ourselves in a little bit of a hole. We can only win one game at a time though, and that's next week."

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