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Drew Brees talks about Brandon Coleman, Willie Snead

Transcript of Drew Brees' Tuesday session with the media

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Post -Practice Media Availability
Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Do you feel like you guys got enough work?

"Yes, I feel like we've kind of refined that process throughout the preseason. I think every team has their own philosophy and a lot of it depends on the age of your team, guys that are trying to get work, maybe there are certain positions that you are trying to rotate more guys in to get more guys reps and competition.  I think Sean (Payton), in my conversations with him has seen what he wants to see out of the first group in many cases.  I don't know how it is going to shake out for reps this game but I am sure that there will be a lot of guys that won't be playing."

What is your comfort level with Brandon Coleman?

"I have a great comfort level with him.  He's had a phenomenal offseason and preseason.  Just like any young player, it is that transition from the plays that you make in practice to the game and that will only come with more opportunities but I am excited for him.  I love his approach.  I love his focus and his maturation process from last year to this year.  He deserves a lot of credit.  He has worked extremely hard to get to this point."

What about Willie Snead?

"I am really happy for Willie (Snead) as well.  Again, a guy who's traveled the hard road, comes in on the practice squad kind of mid-season last season.  I am sure he was not on anyone's thought process as the early predictions were being made for who were going to be the top guys to make this team, but certainly he has made a ton of plays this offseason and preseason.  He is a guy that I know a lot of people know who he is now.  Every time you throw him the ball something good happens.  He is another guy that has worked extremely hard and has taken it one day at a time.  Man, he has soaked it all up, every coaching point from his position coach and from the quarterbacks, the extra work after practice and all the little things that you want to see out of player who wants to be great and certainly wants to play a big role on this team and he is doing it."

As a veteran player, when you have a lot of veterans that were brought in to play key roles, what does that mean to player like you and what does that mean to the team?

"I think you understand that injuries are part of the thing unfortunately especially maybe (with) veteran players that at times you are trying to monitor reps and do certain things to make sure you are not over working those guys.  Sometimes, and I'm not saying that's what happened, a lot of those cases are freak deals that are sidelining these guys for a period of time.  Continuity's important; obviously you want more reps you can have together.  That's important especially as a comfort level going into the season but all these guys have played enough football and they're all smart guys, they're professionals so even though they have not been out there getting the reps you know they have been around.  You know that they've been in meetings.  You know that they will be ready to go when they are healthy and when they are able."

Can you talk about the news of Cam Cameron?

"I don't know all the details about it, fill me in on exactly.  I heard that he had cancer and that he went through treatments this offseason and everything was kind of kept quiet.  I sent him a text message.  I just found out about this yesterday.  I sent him a text message yesterday.  I haven't heard back yet but obviously my thoughts are with him.  He is a guy that has had tremendous impact on my career and obviously that is a serious deal and I hope he's okay and he has made it through it.  My thoughts are with him and his family."

Can you expand on the impact that Cam Cameron had on you?

"He was my offensive coordinator for my second, third, fourth and fifth seasons in the NFL with the San Diego Chargers.  He taught me a lot.  There are still things that he said to me during those years that ring inside my mind at different times, different coaching points or just lessons learned through being in different situations with him.  It wasn't always smiles and laughs, we had plenty of tough heart to heart conversations because that was a real kind of growth process or time in my career.  I was benched three times in that time frame and another reason why Marty Schottenheimer, my relationship is so strong with him.  You go through some of those times and you really grow as a person and a player. It was because of men like those two guys and Brian Schottenheimer is in that group.  Pete Carmichael is in that group.  There's quite a few that were there during that time that I still stay in touch with or I am around a lot and really care for."

You aren't going to play are you?

"I don't think so but I haven't heard."

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