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Drew Brees says he's "A Saint for Life"

"Of course I'm coming back. I'm a New Orleans Saint for life."

See the best moments from Saints quarterback Drew Brees throughout the 2017 season.

Drew Brees was welcomed on Ellen Wednesday, January 31 to discuss his Pro Bowl experience and future with the New Orleans Saints. Ellen began the interview by asking Brees if he planned to stay with the Saints and Brees responds, "Of course I'm coming back. I'm a New Orleans Saint for life." 

Brees continued the interview talking about the Pro Bowl and his infamous sideline interview where his boys couldn't keep their hands to themselves. Anticipating the interview, Brees' sons couldn't keep still, resulting in two of them venturing on the field during the game one of them eventually being knocked over. The three boys were brought on the trip as ball boys for the NFC, after asking Coach Payton for permission. 

Saints players and staff prepare for the 2018 NFL Pro Bowl during NFC practice on Thursday, Jan. 25.

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