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Drew Brees, Saints players talk about win over Buffalo Bills

Players met with the media following 35-17 win

Saints quarterback Drew Brees onif there were concerns where things were sloppy at some point:

"Yes, it's weird where we're happy with the victory. Not everything is always going to be perfect but some of the same things continue to show up, the slow start. We need to be better in some situations, yet in many cases we were driving down the field scoring points. That's our job. The longer we stay on the field, the more rested our defense can be for the next series. That's part of this game."

On 10 different receivers catching passes:

"You never know whose day it is going to be. We always come in with a game plan that has opportunities for everybody. We just see how it unfolds. Did we know Kenny Stills was going to have three catches for (129) yards and two touchdowns?  No. Those were two huge plays that he was able to get open. Jimmy Graham was in limited action, but he made the most of his opportunities with two touchdowns. Everyone else just contributed like they always do. I feel like the opportunities call for everybody. Ben Watson comes up with a couple of big catches. Josh Hill had a couple of big catches. We are just starting to spread the ball around and get everyone involved. As long as we score points, that's all that matters."

On the back-to-back touchdowns before the half:

"It really changed the momentum. It was 10-7 and we hit the big play to Kenny Stills. Our defense does a great job of stopping them, which allowed us for a two-minute opportunity. We score and then don't give them any time to respond. We get the ball the first drive of the second half. We really possess the ball three times while they really only have it once. We came away with two touchdowns out of that. That was a big momentum shift."

On the mood of the locker room after this game:

"There were a lot of good things, but a lot of things we could have done much better."

Receiver Kenny Stills on what it's like to be on an offense where distribution is so balanced like today:

"It's great having a future Hall of Famer at quarterback at Drew Brees. Every week you never know."

On how he gets better from here:

"Just getting back to work, going back to tomorrow, staying on the routine, continuing to work on the little things."

On spending extra time with Drew Brees and other members of the offense:

"Yes, in the mornings, less sleep, more in the weight room, watching film, taking care of the little things."

On if it was a tough transition initially:

"Yes, I'm not a big morning person. It's paid off though, so I'll keep it that way."

On his touchdown catches:

"A lot of the credit goes to the offensive line and Drew (Brees). They do a great job of protecting Drew on those plays. The play's basically them. I'm wide open, so I'm trying to make a play."

Receiver Lance Moore on 10 different players getting a reception:

"It's not a surprise to me. We have so many guys who can do so many different things. We have so many guys who are capable of making plays and today was a display of that. Younger guys are making plays. Some of the guys who we didn't think were going to play stepped up and made plays."

On getting involved early:

"I'm always hoping to be involved early. It doesn't matter that I'm coming off an injury. I always want touches. The earlier, the better for me. I got one early to break the ice. It's kind of new start to the season for me."

[internal-link-placeholder-0]Tight end Jimmy Graham:

"If I'm healthy enough to be out there I'm going to play full speed. I'm not going to hit the brakes at all."

On if Friday was a turning point:

"For me, they had to game-plan on how they wanted to approach it. I was trying to do all I could to minimize pain and let it heal and really the moment was right before the game. Sean (Payton) was out with me running around a little bit at 9:30. I'm very blessed to be out there today. It's a testament to our training staff."

On if it was tough convincing Coach Payton he could play:

"You always have to convince him. He has to see it every day is what he tells me and all the receivers. He has to see it today."

On if at this point it's how much he can push it:

"Yes, it did get better every day. Obviously there are ups and downs."

On how important it was for him to get back out there:

"I didn't want to rush it and cause maybe in this game that would make me sit out five weeks. Now it's just managing it and taking it day by day."

With the distribution of passes, what it says about this offense:

"It's what's great about being here. He's (Drew Brees) is going to throw it to the open guy. We're going to find that one-on-one matchup. That's what he does. He goes through his reads all the time."

On how the team still needs to improve:

"Right after the win, Sean (Payton) addressed that we need to improve in some areas. We showed some good things, but just as well we showed a lot of things we have to improve on. If we're going to go on a run here, we're going to have to start playing better football."

On the depth at the position:

"Josh (Hill) did a great job. At the end of the day we have great depth at this position, so if I happen to be down or need more time, Josh can do more. Benjamin (Watson) has played on great teams and looks like he's 18 still. He had a good day and caught a real nice slant route. He's a real good player."

On if they had him on a snap count:

"I'm not sure. Sean (Payton) just calls my name."

On if he was standing next to him during the game:

"Yes, I'm a very competitive person. I want as many opportunities as I can get to help this team. I'm going to do as much as they want me to and what my body allows me to do. We're going to take this day by day."

Defensive end Cameron Jordan:

On the defensive pressure: "It's something that we have to do every game. We did a decent job of getting back there. We definitely capitalized. I thought we did an effective job."

On his performance: "Honestly it's all attributed to my defense. You have (Akiem) Hicks on the opposite side double gapping and destroying everything. You have Brodrick Bunkley in the middle. It makes my job that much easier."

Cornerback Jabari Greer on the defensive performance:

"We have to make adjustments. We have to be consistent on third downs. Although we were able to force some turnovers in the first half, they were able to get some no huddle on us. We were able to tighten up on the third down situations."

(on getting the win) "It's incredible any time you get a win in the NFL. There are quality opponents every week. Unfortunately, we had to sit out a game last week, but this week we fought through adversity and got the win."

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