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Drew Brees, Saints players postgame interviews

Drew Brees, Mark Ingram and Michael Mauti spoke with the media following Falcons game.


On playing the game at their tempo:

"Yes, you can feel it in the game. It all goes back to if you are converting and making first downs. You can't have a tempo when you go three and out. There is no tempo when you have third-and-12's. I think we did a good job today of staying at efficient down and distances. It gives coach (Payton) a much easier list to choose from."

On a big win after a devastating loss at Philadelphia:

"It is hard to preach when you are losing. There was a ton of emotion tonight. Last week in Philadelphia we got our butts beat. It shows a lot on a short week to turnaround and beat a good football team and play like we did."


On the punt block for a touchdown:

"In that situation, we don't know who is going to block it. We were just going to put some pressure. It was a great call by Coach Mac (Greg McMahon, special teams coordinator) that was put in this week. I just happened to come free. It was a good scheme put in. It was awesome."

On if he felt it:

"I do not think it's hit me yet. I was in the stands when Steve Gleason blocked that punt against Atlanta (in 2006). It was a special feeling. That's what I've been dreaming about since I was sitting in that seat up there. To live that out is something special. I'm enjoying it."

On doing it the night Steve Gleason is honored:

"He is one of my heroes. I look up to him. To do something like that against Atlanta like he did is something that I've been dreaming about for a long time."

On that play sparking the team:

"I think so. Anytime you get an explosion play like that is momentum for us. We are at home and the crowd is into it. It was a special play. I think a lot of guys fed off that."

Defensive end CAMERON JORDAN

On the defensive performance:

"I think our DBs and linebackers did an outstanding job. We executed what we needed to do and our coaching staff did an outstanding job."

On if it was a defensive breakthrough performance:

"I think that we came in with a great game plan. The young guys stepped up today. It really was a tribute to our defense. Our offense played a great game. They both started with a scheme. Special teams got a touchdown. Everybody responded well and we got a win."

On the win bringing confidence to the team:

"It is great to get another win. We're 2-4. It's nothing to be extremely proud of. As far as tonight, we have the 24 hour rule in effect to celebrate a little bit."

Quarterback DREW BREES

On the specifics of the gameplan and how they translated to the game tonight:

"Well, we felt like it was a game where we were going to need to be patient and just pick and choose our spots. We were hoping we'd be able to run the ball, and we were not really able to do that. Based on the stats from tonight ... 32 rushes for 81 yards, theaverage per carry was not where we want it to be yet, but I feel like the pounding from the run attack wore those guys down a bit. Obviously, as the second half came around, we were able to really sustain drives, convert some key third downs, and go down and get some much needed points. We had to take chances at times, obviously that call by Coach Payton in the third quarter, draw them offsides, get up there, have a quick snap, and then go get the touchdown, that was a huge momentum-gain type play in a game like that, and it took some marbles to call it. As far as the rest of the game plan, obviously Ben Watson had a huge night, and he was tremendous in so many aspects, not just in the passing game, but in everything he does for us just as a complete tight end. I'm happy for everybody, and everybody did a great job."

On why the connection with Benjamin Watson worked so well:

"It just happened to be that either his number was called or he was just getting open, and he was receiving some opportunities that he made the most of."

On if this game showed what this team is capable of:

"Yes. I still think we can do some things better. I think we can be a bit more efficient in the passing game. I think that we can rush the ball better. I think that we can continue to be better on first and second down, so that we are not in so many third down situations. There are areas where I know that we can become better and I know that we can become more efficient."

On Mauti's punt block:

"That was awesome. It was a huge play in the game. It gives us a two- possession lead, and just the whole stadium erupts. The cool thing was that Steve (Gleason) was here to see that, and they threw him up there on the Jumbotron, and man that brought back some good memories. Obviously, we get to add tonight to those memories as well."

On the win proving that this team is going to fight and not give up:

"That is a good point. Yes it does. It is validation, when you can go out and play like we did tonight, after a short week and a miserable loss in Philadelphia on Sunday. To put together such a complete game, both offensively and defensively, doing what we needed to do when we needed to do it, was incredible. Defensively, we came up with some huge plays tonight, including all of those sacks, limiting their big playmakers, and then special teams coming up with that block. You talk about it all year long, so for it all to come together like that and just give us a glimpse of what we can be and show that all that hard work and trust and belief in one another can and is paying off is truly something special."


On adjustments he wanted to make:

 "I felt like I needed to get a little bit more physical; try to frustrate them more, and I think I did a good job of that."

On type of defense played against Julio Jones when he was in the slot:

"We tended to go to a zone defense when he was in the slot. Our goal was to just keep him to the side and keep a close eye on him, and that is what I did. When he went over the middle, our strategy was to pass him off into the next zone and let our defenders keep their normal areas."

On wanting to face Julio Jones and his performance:

"I think I did a pretty decent job. We were trying to not give up the big play, because that's where we have struggled the last few weeks, and I think we did a good job of that tonight."

On experience playing against Jones:

"It was a dream come true. He's an elite player, one of the best, and just to line up against him almost every snap was an amazing feeling."


On using wins like this as a positive motivator for the team:

"We use this as one game, and that's what it is. When we execute our game plan and don't turn the ball over, we can compete. When we turn the ball over, don't score in the red zone, make stupid penalties, and stuff like that, we can get beat. What you saw tonight was a really great feeling to kind of give some guys the fruits of their labor. We understand that it's one win, and we still only have two wins, so we are going to enjoy this one for a little bit and then move on to the next opponent."

On offense really clicking and crowd excitement driving them team:

There's something about these night games in New Orleans. Our crowd, from the get-go, was excited. We haven't given them much to be excited about this season, but they come and show up, they get loud at these night games, so the excitement and the energy was there from the get-go." 

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