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Drew Brees, Saints players post game interviews

Drew Brees, Travaris Cadet, Willie Snead, Brandin Cooks, Delvin Breaux and Cameron Jordan talk about win against Jaguars


(on if he had pain today)

"It was just sore. I had to keep it loose. I was trying throughout the week of different ways to tape it and all those things. I wanted to keep it warm and loose. It was actually a lot better than I thought it was."

(on if he used an orthotic)

"I played around with those a little bit, but really didn't like it. I went out there and tried to see what would work best."

(on if it bothered him today)

"You're so focused on the game anyway. Once you get through the lines, you flip the switch. It is all about the team and winning. It is obviously my responsibility to go out there and lead our guys. I have to make sure that we are playing with great tempo."

(on Brandin Cooks getting 1,000 yards receiving for the season)

"It's awesome. He deserves it. It's tremendous. He has a great work ethic. He did a lot to prepare himself coming into the season. He's been healthy. I'm really happy for him."

(on playing his best football since the shoulder injury he suffered in September)
"The only thing I can compare it to is when you have one of your senses taken away from you. You have your five senses. Someone who cannot see has their sense of smell and taste accentuated. You take away something like that and everything else becomes heightened. You focus on what you can and can't do. Nothing changes the way that you play the game, but it makes things more defined."

(on any limitations while planting on it)

"A little bit. It wasn't an issue for the most part."


(on his year)

"It's been an unusual year. If I had to make a prediction for this year, then it wouldn't have been like this. I went to New England. I started off strong there. On Aug. 8, I tore my hamstring. It pushed me back a little bit. I didn't know where I was going to be. They kept me up until Week 4 and I was let go. Then, I was on the street. It gave me time to rehab my injury. My leg was torn worse than I thought."

(on making it back)

"If they call you and you are on the couch, then you are going to stay on the couch. However, if you are out working, fighting adversity and not giving up, then you'll make it. A true champion always fights back."

(on if he thought he'd be with the Saints this season)

"No, not this year. I never expected to be released from any team that I went to this year."

(on if it felt like coming home when New Orleans claimed him)

"Yes, I spoke highly of the Saints when I went elsewhere. It was tough leaving this place. I've built a lot of relationships with guys in the locker room and people in this city. It was hard. It was real tough leaving this place. It's always my home."


(on what the win says about the team)

"We have one more game to go and the guys in this locker room really want to win. We want to finish this year strong regardless if we make the playoffs. We have a group of guys with great character. We expect a lot of great things. We didn't have the season that we wanted to, but I'm sure we are going to do a lot better next year.

(on if the locker room is close)

"It's definitely a really close locker room. We have great men in this locker room. We have a lot of young guys looking up to the older veterans. It's been great to see. We just have to keep moving forward."


(on having a 1,000 yard season)

"I didn't even realize it until after the game because I was having so much fun in the game."

(on starting fast)

"That's what we focused on all week. Last week we started slow, so throughout the week we focused on starting fast. That's what we did. To do that in the final home game of the year was special."

(on the expectation of Drew Brees this week)

"If it ain't broke…that's just the type of guy he is. I had no doubt that he would come out and have a great game."

(on his 71-yard touchdown reception)

"Drew knew he had to put it out there. He put it on the spot."


(on his play today)

"The coaches told us all week we need to raise our level of play. We need to finish strong. I tuned in extra hard this week. We were going against two really talented receivers and (and a productive) offense in general. We just came with it."

(on the Jaguars offense)

"They're legit all across the board. They were a team that we couldn't take lightly. Their quarterback (Blake Bortles) is pretty good. We just had to go out there and compete and do our job."

(on if he was surprised on the amount of passes thrown his way)

"No, not at all. I'm still a rookie. They kept trying and I kept having to make play after play."


(on the Bobby Richardson interception)

"Bobby did his thing. He hustled on it. He had some good hand-eye coordination and came up with the ball."

(on positives from today's game)

"It was the takeaways. We had two interceptions. We came out with the win. We have one week left. We are sitting at 6-9. It would be great to get this last win."

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