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Drew Brees, Saints players' post game interviews

Drew Brees, Willie Snead, C.J. Spiller, Jahri Evans, Kenny Vaccaro and Kasim Edebali speak with media following Lions game

(on what going down early does to the game plan)

"You obviously have to become more aggressive. I don't know what the run/pass ratio was, but it felt like we were throwing it a lot. We made some big plays, we were able to get ourselves back in the game, and that's a result of it."

(on coming out slowly after good momentum from last week's win at Tampa Bay)

"That scenario at the end of the first half was tough. We felt like we should have come up with a touchdown, and I'm not quite sure what happened there. I'm sure there will be expectations and maybe apologies for that, but I don't know. It's tough when you can't walk away with a touchdown that you felt like you had."

(on what they attribute to starting slow tonight on offense)

"They came out to a fast start, and you have to give credit to them. That is their profile - start fast and, unfortunately, we could not match them step-for-step, but I am proud of the way our team fought down the stretch defensively, forcing the turnover (fumble) to get us the ball back late in the game. Offensively, we put together a lot of good drives to get ourselves points and put us back in the game."

(on his foot injury)

"I don't know what exactly we have going on here, but we will see after the MRI tomorrow."

(on if his injury felt better or worse in the second half)

"I just had to keep it moving, because it was getting stiff, but we were able to manage it."

(on surpassing 60,000 career yards and 4,000 yards for the 10th straight time and 10th time overall)

"Like you said, I wish we were talking about these milestones under better circumstances. If you play the game long enough, I guess those things add up, and I'm just blessed to have been able to play the game long enough to see some of the marks. There are so many people that are a part of that, and that's what I like to think about and what I can attribute that to."

(on if this game is a microcosm of the 2015 season)

"I don't know. I haven't really thought that deeply about it. We came up short tonight. We had our chances, and it's really a lot of little things. To sum it up for you, the bottom line is, offensively, if we could have gotten that touchdown at the end of the first half, that is seven points, and if we had converted on a third down and goal from their 4-yard line instead of kicking a field goal (early in the fourth quarter), that is 11 points. We could've used those 11 points, and that might have gotten us the win tonight."

(on the small margin of error in the National Football League between winning and losing)

"You can always point to a couple of plays. I think there were some good things. We didn't turn the ball over. I felt like a lot of guys had some gutsy performances, battled, and continued to fight, even with us being down 28-3 on Monday night in our own building. We rallied after being down in the third quarter, and I am proud of our guys for that."

(on hitting his stride these last few weeks)

"I'm trying to contribute the best I can to help my team win at the end of the day. Hopefully, we end up achieving our goal at the end of the year."

(on the emotional swings of the game tonight)

"We started off slow, and that did not help us offensively. It hurt when we did not score right before the half. I think it would've been a different game if we put points on the board before we went into halftime, but we ended up picking it up and started hitting our stride, like we've been doing all season. It is unfortunate that we could not get the ball back one more time at the end, but it was a hard fought game, and I'm really proud of the guys in here. We just have to build on this one and get ready for Jacksonville."

(on the offense clicking in the third quarter tonight)

"The guys just started making plays. That was the big thing. We were being explosive and taking what they were given us. We were just trying to stay out of the third and longs."

(on if they did anything different the second half tonight)

"I would have to look at it on film. It is tough right now to say. We were executing."

(on if they played with purpose tonight)

"Yes, we could have easily folded. We could have thrown in the towel and given up. We kept fighting and crawled our way back into it. We had a chance at the end, but we just came
up short."

(on the second half)

"I think guys just stated making plays. We started to get into a rhythm a little bit."

(on it made a difference tonight not being in the playoffs)

"We played hard. It wasn't a factor for me."
(on the team's goal the final two games)

"Win. We just want to go out there and get better. We want to go out there and play the game that we love to play."

(on gaining momentum but unable to finish the game)

"I think we hurt ourselves in the first half going down 21- 3. We have to play better on defense. We can't give up that many points in a half. We had some stops in the second half, but we have to play a better overall game."

(on what the Lions did well tonight)

"They did a good job of just spacing it out. They didn't really play between the tackles. He (Matthew Stafford) knew where to go with the ball pre-snap. He did a really good job of
spreading it out."
(on the same issues all season coming out again tonight)

"They started fast on us. We got behind in that first half by a couple of touchdowns, and we just couldn't pull ourselves out of it."

(on the defense's play tonight)

"It is just the little things. We are helping their offense. You have to do the little things right. NFL teams are going to take advantage of that."

(on if it is one guy or one thing)

"It's not one guy's fault. It could be on the D-line or the back end. It just adds up."

(on Matthew Stafford's play in the first half)

"He came out on fire. We just tried to slow him down. It worked in the second half. We talked about the adjustments and it worked better."

(on the big run play under two minutes)

"It's frustrating. We have to watch it on film and it has to be corrected."

(on if the defense took a step back this week)

"I wouldn't say that. We have to make the adjustments. We have to adjust quick. We have to adjust to it and make plays."

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