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Drew Brees, Saints players' post game interviews

Drew Brees, Benjamin Watson and Mark Ingram speak with media following Panthers game


(On how they developed rhythm in second half)

"I think we just started making some plays. We had pretty good execution. We were able to find some big plays in the passing game, and then we were able to get the run game going a little bit as well. Just the back and forth of those two facets of our offense, and the rhythm that came along with it, created some opportunities for us to make some big plays."

(On what Cook's TD Pass meant to offense)

"That's a big play. You're always looking to try and hit quick strike plays like that. Any time you are able to hit a big play like that one, it kind of fuels the offensive energy. We are always going to be ready to move the ball down the field methodically and convert on third downs, but any time you can hit a big play like that one those are nice."

(On getting so close to victory against an undefeated team like the Panthers today)

"It tells you a lot about the parity in this league, and just how evenly matched everyone is, especially when you start talking about divisional opponents. The records do not matter; those are hard fought battles everywhere you play. Obviously, they had a lot riding on this game and so did we. This was just a really hard fought performance on both sides, and both teams took it down to the wire. We feel we were really scratching and clawing to try and get that one."

(On if execution was better this week)

"I would say it's better, but it's not where we need to be, and it's not where I know that we can be. I know that we are going to turn on the tape tomorrow, and in all phases of the game, look at some things and say that we can get better there. We got some key turnovers today defensively, one of which resulted in a touchdown. A couple of them stopped them from getting points. Special teams made a huge play on that blocked extra-point going into half, so that's a three-point swing right there. We had a lot of good things today, but we still had a lot of those little things that, if you do them, will get you beat. We had drives stopped offensively, and we continued drives defensively, which we can't allow to continue to happen if we want to be the type of team that we know we can be."

(On frustration from not being able to convert turnovers into points)

"I can think of one instance where we got the turnover, and, unfortunately, I thought we had the right call and the right look against the right defense, and Thomas Davis, their linebacker, just made a great play on that screen look. If he doesn't make that play, C.J. Spiller is scot-free up the middle. Then, you have a drive set up for a pretty short field goal, and in a game like this, you have to hit those."

(On being in unfamiliar situation with the current won-loss record)

"I'm more focused on getting this team to where we know we can be. Let's just put the record aside for a moment. Mathematically, I don't know what the chances are of us making it to the postseason. What I care about is, by the end of the season, are we as good of a team as we know that we can be? All these things that we have been talking about, the executive, the mistakes, certain things that keep repeating themselves; I'm more concerned about correcting those things so we can get to the level that I know we should be playing at."

(On if he gets to the point where he wants to try new things or experiment a bit as a the season goes)

"You do that a little bit. There is a system on offense and there is a system on defense that you are trying to execute, but you are always adding and subtracting as you go along here. Obviously, the game planning for each opponent is immense. You have your bread and butter plays, and then you find ways to do those things differently by disguising them a little bit, as well as do other things off of it. That's what game planning is, trying to find weaknesses in their defense and what we can do to attack that."


(On not getting points on the last drive of the game)

"It pretty much stinks. We had a lot of good things happen. It stinks."

(On the offensive spurt midway through the second half)

"We started executing. When we execute and do our job, then we are hard to stop."

(On the last four games after getting to 4-4)

"It's very disappointing. We got back to .500. We had a chance to do the things that we wanted to do. We just haven't gotten it done the last four weeks."

(On the disappointing loss)

"We played a great game. We're just looking for that game to turn our season back around. We got close, but we didn't make it happen."


(On the game)

"We got beat by a better football team today. They were better than us today. We had our chances. Obviously, it's disappointing. We put a lot into this. We have to congratulate them."

(On what Carolina was better at today)

"Blocking, tackling, catching throwing, offense, defense, special teams. They scored more points than we did. We weren't able to capitalize sometimes."

(On how today's game will help them move forward)

"We aren't going to worry about that right now. I'm upset about losing I'll worry about the next four weeks tomorrow. We'll move on to the next game, but right now this one stings."


(On the momentum for the Sai Saints after his touchdown catch from Drew Brees)

"To be honest it was the drive before that. Guys were making plays. They were sparking it. We started to catch that rhythm that we all know is the Saints offense."

(On his touchdown catch)

"I was in a blessed situation for coach to dial that up and Drew (Brees) to put the ball where he did. It was big time."

(On Brandon Coleman)

"He had a great day. It was huge for him to step up like that with one of our better guys down. He'll gained some confidence that will help him these next few weeks."

(On not scoring on the last drive)

"It's very frustrating. When you are in a game like that, all you want to do is to somehow, someway, get down there and have a chance. They gave us a chance and we didn't capitalize."


(On his takeaways from the game)

"We are 4-8. We are 12 games in. For the plays that we made on defense, there are still holes that need to be covered. That is something that we have to deal with now."

(On if the game is discouraging)

"Not at all. It's discouraging for the fact that we were more physical than them in a lot of aspects. We feel like we were the better team. With that being said, we have to accept what we are now. That's more of a fire to get that next one."


(On how emotional this loss is)

"They are tough team. Unfortunately, we made some mistakes that they capitalized on, and that's what good teams do."

(On last drive for Carolina)

"They had good play-calling. Cam [Newton] made some big plays, as expected. He's a good player. They made some plays tonight, especially when they needed them."

(On turnovers helping Saints stay in the game and his individual performance)

"It was good, but we still lost the game. The ultimate goal is to win the game, regardless of how you perform, and we lost. This one stings a little bit, but we will come back Monday and get back to work."


(On Carolina's first scoring drive)

"I don't know. A lot of stuff happened on that drive that you just want to stop, but we didn't get off the field."

(On penalties hurting team overall)

"I feel like penalties did hurt. I don't know how many we had today, but we certainly had a few that extended drives for them."

(On loss of Delvin Breaux early on hurting team)

"It hurt a little bit, but we just have to be able to hold up. If someone goes down, we have to be able to come in and pick up where they left off. Any time you have injuries, that's unfortunate, but we still have to be able to come in and make plays."

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