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Drew Brees, Saints players' post game interviews

Drew Brees, Kai Forbath and Willie Snead speak with media following Giants game

(on this game reminding him of his days at Purdue)

"Well, I'll say that this is going to be the last time that I watch highlights of Clemson-N.C. State and Texas Tech-Oklahoma State before I go to bed, because those games were just like that. It was really fun to be a part of something like that, and obviously, with a game that went back and forth for a little while and had that much scoring and that many yards, it was really interesting. We were just in the flow of the game, and every time we got the ball there was a big sense of urgency in terms of just being efficient to go down and get points and score touchdowns. I felt like we had a really nice rhythm there; obviously in the first half, and in the second half as well. We really grabbed the momentum I think when we went up by 14 points in the fourth quarter, but then they scored 21 unanswered. The turnover that they ran back to the end zone for a seven-point lead was tough, but we didn't panic. We knew the way this game was being played at that point, so our goal was to go down there, get a touchdown, potentially give our defense a chance to go out there and get the ball back for us so we can take this thing to overtime. That sequence of eventsat the end of the game where we were able to stop them, and then we had that great return by Marcus Murphy with the fumble, picking it up, and the facemask that moved us a little closer to hit that game-winner. You just kind of shake your head at how it all transpired, but I'm glad we were able to pull it out in the end."

(on the resiliency of this team throughout the last month)

"That just says a lot about our team. You can win in a lot of different ways, and we certainly believe in one another. There is a lot of trust and confidence among one another and what we are doing. Guys care about one another, and guys want to play well for one another. There's a lot of excitement and energy on the sidelines; a lot of emotion and guys cheering one another on. Throughout the course of the game, you just feel this positive vibe and know that, no matter what, we will find a
way to win."

(on if he thought he had a career-best performance still left in him)

"It's not about the numbers. That's cool to look at and it goes on the stat sheet, but it's not like I came out today with the intent to break a few records just to shut some people up. I think our mindset is that every time we step on the field we have the opportunity to do something special, I will say that."

(on if he felt like he was going to have a big game today)

"I visualized it. It wasn't quite this big. I tried to make it realistic, but I guess this is our reality. All the way around, this was a great win. Just the back and forth nature of this game, the people that were here in the stadium watching, and the people that were watching on TV; this was certainly one of the craziest games that I have ever been a part of. To be on the winning end of it and keep this three-game streak alive at the midway point in the season is something special, and I still feel like our best is still yet to come. Every time you win like this, in this manner, where it has to all come together at the end where you have a chance to win it; to have those moments in the locker room, those are special moments, and
you cherish those."

(on going no-huddle for majority of the game)

"We obviously do a lot offensively with formations and personnel groups and such, and obviously we like to get a good tempo and a good rhythm going. It just felt like that tempo wasn't going to change up for us at all this game, and we just wanted to get to the ball and go. They played just about every possible coverage you can play. It was like a rolodex of coverages, so we wanted to be able to get to the right play based on where we were at on the field and matchup-wise, and fortunately we were
able to make some big plays."

(on his success with pressure kicks throughout his career)

"I've been fortunate to get in those situations in games where it has come down to a kick. I really work on in practice trying to make everything the same. I just went out there and told myself that I had made this kick in practice all week, so why change now."

(on a nice way to introduce yourself to the team)

"What else do you want besides a game-winner? That's what kickers live for. It was funny, because Thomas [Morstead] actually called it. He said, 'Look, they are going to punt it, we're going to get the ball back, and you're going to hit a game-winner. Mentally, I was trying to get ready for it before we got the ball."

(on Drew Brees' performance, yet he gets the game ball)

"He deserves the game ball [today]. I got one kick to help the team out. It was a heck of a game by the whole team."

(On if he has ever been a part of something like this before)

"I have to think about that, but no, not right now. This is one of the greatest feelings I've ever felt right now. When you come into the locker room with a win at
your home place, it's always special, especially against a tough opponent like that. We needed that win, and I'm just glad we were able to get it done."

(On what plays he is still thinking about right now)

"I'm thinking about a lot of plays: that back shoulder throw that Drew [Brees] and I missed on, a couple of runs that I had in there that I probably tried to jump into, but I'm not going to worry about those. I'm going to enjoy this win with my family and friends. I'll look at the film later tonight and see the mistakes that I made, and that we made, as an offense so that we can get those corrected and be ready to go. In the meantime, we have 24 hours to enjoy this one, and that's what I'm going to do."

(On playing with Drew Brees today)

"It was like magic. I have seen him have performances like that from afar, but to be in the middle of one was totally different. You could tell that we locked in and ready to go, and he showed you why he is who he is. I'm glad he's my quarterback."

(On the game)

"Sometimes it comes out that way. It was just the way that the game unfolded. We beat a really good football team tonight and we kept fighting. The think that I'm most happy is about is the way that we persevered. It's always great when you overcome adversity to get the win."

(On if seven touchdowns was enough)

"Not in this game. Obviously, it was going back and forth. It was like a heavyweight fight. They hit us. We hit them. We were fortunate enough to outlast them."

(On if he feels like a big play tight end)

"We had to make some plays in the passing game today. It was fun. I was able to get open and catch some balls. Drew (Brees) was throwing the ball great today. He tied a record.
When you are able to contribute in a win, it is very satisfying."

(On the play of Drew Brees)

"It was amazing. He tied a record. It was definitely amazing. I don't expect anything less from a guy like that. He works so hard. He's great. He keeps getting better and better.

(On the change of the offense the last few weeks)

"We are all coming together. Every piece of the puzzle is making plays: backfield, tight end. Everyone is catching the ball and that's what it is all about."

(On his two touchdowns)

"I came back and scored two touchdowns. You want to show the quarterback's trust. He threw balls to me and I just had to make up for what I did earlier."

(On winning the game after falling behind)

"It gives us that perseverance. On each side of the ball, we have each other's back. Sometimes it's going to be a close game where the offense is relying on the defense and vice
versa. That's what we showed today."

(On if he's been in a game like this before)

"I can't even answer. The game was going on forever. There was just a whole bunch of ups and downs. I'm just glad that we came up with the win."

(On the game-tying touchdown drive)

"That's just what we do. We practice that. We just had to drive and take one play at a time. We just had to execute the offense and take advantage of the looks that we were getting. We got it down there and C.J. (Spiller) made a great play. He scored a touchdown and it was just a great feeling."

(On his mindset before the game winning field goal)

"I felt really good about it based on where the ball was spotted and what (Kai) had been doing in practice all week. The guys on the sideline were really encouraging.
They were just saying that we were going to make it. I knew that we would make it. It was the right time and the game was played out this way. I knew that we were going to make that field goal."

(On if it was a holding penalty on the sack fumble)

"The referee made the call. I thought that it was a fair play. No, we were going after it all game. They finally threw one. We just have to live with that."

(On if he was trying to play him with his hand)


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