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Drew Brees, Saints players on the win over the Chicago Bears

Postgame quotes from Saints players on Monday, Dec. 15, 2014

Saints quarterback Drew Brees

"When you look at the rushing numbers, it was maybe not as good as we would want, yet it didn't feel that way. The game was going on because it felt like we hit on some screens, we hit on some pass plays, and we were really balanced in regards to run and pass so it felt like it was all pretty systematic. I felt like we were efficient in a lot of ways. Third down numbers weren't great. We got that turnover on the first drive and then we turned it over on the second play which was down on the one-yard line or two-yard line. We had a couple squandered opportunities, that being one. The other was when we were down inside their two-yard line, and we couldn't get the touchdown in the third quarter. We'd like to see seven points there instead of three, but at the end of the day it was a great team win. The defense played fantastic, obviously holding them to a few points and also getting some turnovers in some favorable situations offensively, so it was great all the way around."

On if he was hard on himself after last week's loss

"I think we responded well as a team. We were embarrassed about what happened last week. We know we're better than that, and certainly felt a great sense of urgency going into this game just knowing what's at stake and knowing what a win would do for us, not only in the standings, but just from a confidence standpoint. It sets us up for no bigger game than what's coming up next week against Atlanta."

On if he was giving Jay Cutler counsel after the game

"No. We were just talking about family and kids. We get enough football talk from [the media], so most of the time that's personal stuff."

On if he felt the team had any maturity or growth this week

"I saw a lot of enthusiasm. I saw a lot of guys just ready to play, and I think just ready to go out there and turn loose and not play with any inhibitions, and not play with any caution or paralysis by over analysis – you know, just going out and playing ball and doing it like we know we can do."

On if he feels they can respond this week in a similar way they did last week
"I think we've shown a couple times that we can respond to adversity. Let's make sure we can handle success too."

On what he felt was the most important part of today's game

"Learning how to handle success is as important, or even more important than handling the adversity. We've all been in those situations enough. Typically when you lose a game and you have guys coming in and you're real hard on yourself, and coaches are on you, and that week's practice is amped up a bit, the tendency after success is to relax, and it's not time to relax. It's time to get another win and continue to get better."

On what he attributes the success on the road to

"The last four games at home haven't been very good and the last three games on the road have been pretty good. We like to be good everywhere. Historically, the bottom line is it doesn't matter where we play. It doesn't matter who we play. We know we can play Saints football, and we worry about our execution and our togetherness. That's all that matters."

Keenan Lewis, CB

On what the Green Bay game told them about stopping the Bears

"Don't tell them what [defense] you're in. Make them figure it out at the last minute. There was a lot of success doing that. By film study we watched that and saw a couple teams do the same thing and have success."

On whether Bears players seemed like they had quit

"I wouldn't say I had seen it. I don't think some players out there looked excited to play. Some of them came to play and some of them didn't. They're still a good football team and hopefully next year they have success."

Kenny Vaccaro, S

On the pressure forced on defense

"It's always good. It goes hand in hand; getting pressure makes it easy for a DB."

On what they did to confuse Jay Cutler

"Not much. We were doing what we did all year. It really wasn't an X and O's thing. We just executed better"

Mark Ingram, RB

On winning on the road but not at home

"We just don't execute – and that happens to be more at home. We have to take back our home field advantage."

On what was working for them tonight

"We played together and when things didn't go well we responded and overcame adversity early with turnovers and bad plays. We continued to push and play together to come out with a win."

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