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Drew Brees post game quotes

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees quotes from post game press conference against the Oakland Raiders


(on throwing the ball to young receivers)"The two young receivers started the game for us at X and Z, Nick Toon and Kenny Stills. Since they're in the game, they're going to have the ball thrown their way. We had great tempo throughout that whole first half. Not every look they got was your standard look. They did a great job adjusting to that and playing with a lot of confidence."
(on first half)"You kind of lose track of time. You're operating. We knew we wanted to play with great tempo and execute. We had quite a few series there in the first half, maybe more than usual. I wish we could have punched a few more of those drives in the end zone. It's nice when you don't punt in the first half."
(on improvement from game 1 to game 2)"It's kind of the progression of training camp in the preseason. You're allowed the opportunity to establish a rhythm. We did that well today. I wish we could have had more points as a result of it. There's still more work to do." ![]( "New Orleans Saints")

(on No. 2 offense)"That's tough. There (are) things that are very much out of your control. We had a fumble by one of the running backs to stop a drive. You have a ball batted at the line of scrimmage that could happen to any of us. It kind of thwarted our offensive rhythm for a while. Seneca (Wallace) is a guy who's played for a long time. He knows how this game works. On the sideline, he was very encouraging to the young guys and was very poised."
(on Matt Flynn)"He's a great young player. Whenever he's had the chance to come in games, he's played very well. It's just a matter of trying to take advantage of opportunities and hoping things bounce your way a little bit."
(on expectations)"The expectation level, every time we touch the ball, is that we are going to score. When we fall short of that, we're disappointed in ourselves. We expect to live up to that every time we step on the field. We're only in the second preseason game. The season will be here before we know it."
(on overall effort)"I think we all were much improved … in every facet. We did everything we wanted to do defensively and offensively. Did we make every play on offense? No. The fact is, we felt like we were in complete control. That's what you want when the starters are out there. There's just the progression of the preseason. Every one of these games is important."
(on things to improve upon) "**We had far too many penalties, which caused some difficult field position for us. The turnovers in the third quarter almost did us in. Those are two of the most important statistics that tell you whether you won or lost the game. We're going to grade ourselves on our standard."

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