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Drew Brees' Panthers week Press Conference

Quotes from Drew Brees' Panthers week press conference

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Post-Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, October 12, 2016
Is it a little different feel preparing for their secondary without (Josh Norman and a lot of the veterans they had last year and a lot different younger guys?
"Yes, but the scheme takes care of itself. They have a bunch of great players on that defense. I think they have always done a great job upfront with their front 7. Those two linebackers, Thomas Davis and Luke Kuechly are one of the best tandems certainly in the business now but maybe ever. Those two guys are pretty incredible. Just what they do and how the execute the defense and run the scheme and get everybody squared away with what they are doing. They are a very smart group and a high performing group. I have a lot of respect for these guys. A lot of those coaches have been there now since 2011 so I think being a divisional opponent and we play each other twice a year, you can know that it is always going to be a battle."
They are 1-4 after 14 straight wins last year, is it something that you have seen that they have done or has it just been the matchups and the way the ball has bounced this year?
"I think it is probably the way it has bounced. As I analyze it and from what I'm looking at from a defensive perspective, I think they're as good now as they've ever been. I know they have had some tough loses just like we have. I think we know exactly what they are capable of and we think we know the mindset they have coming in this week eating away (at them) just like we do. There is always a lot at stake especially with divisional games and especially with the situation that we are in."
Is it desperation for both teams this week?
"The most desperate team wins, so if there's not desperation, you create desperation. I do not think it makes or breaks the season, but it is certainly important. I would say that both teams would expect to be much better than what their records reflect right now."
You talk about the chess match about some defenders. This team's come off three divisional championships. Is this Carolina team the same as the previous three?
"That's pretty impressive. We've had battles with these guys the last couple of years. For a stretch there we were all kind of trading division championships from "06 until now. Obviously Atlanta's been in that mix, Tampa has won one or two as well. I feel like this division has always been extremely competitive. Regardless of records and put those aside, when there's a division game in the NFC South, man it's tough to get a win whether you are home or on the road. We understand the value of these, obviously what they come down to at the end of the season. But at the end of the day, what we control is our execution. Just the fact that we're trying to be an ascending team. A team that is trying to get better each and every week. We certainly do not want to take steps back.  At times that has not always resulting in a win, but I feel like we have gotten better. We have learned and grown and I hope to do that this week and I hope it results in a win."
Against a defense like that, how critical is it to get the run attempts, even if you don't get the yardage. You ran it a lot at San Diego, but you didn't get the yards you wanted, but you were able to keep going out there.
"Yeah it is important. The run game is complementary to everything you do offensively. Typically, the better you are able to run the football, the more consistently you are able to run the football. The better you are in the other phases of offense as well."
Do you think it is important to break off some tendencies of some of the teams you play twice a year?
"I think both sides are doing that. There are always new wrinkles when playing these guys. There is always a bit of expect the unexpected. It's not going to look like it did last time. Obviously you see how the course of the game is going and you make adjustments accordingly, but at the end of the day you have to be ready for anything."
Do the young guys need to be taught the value of a division game? Or is that something they will feel when they get out there?
"We talk about it. We talk about division games and the importance of them anytime, home or away. We are still early in the season so this is first time out playing all of our divisional opponents. Coming off a bye week and just where we are in the season, it really does not matter who we are playing. Every game has just that much more importance and value."

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