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Drew Brees on Wednesday's training camp practice

Brees spoke with media following Wednesday's training camp practice in Metairie

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Training Camp Presented By Verizon Post-Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I see Sean Payton uses this phrase a lot, the receivers need to paint the right picture for you. What does that mean?

"So much of the passing game's trust, timing, and participation and that all leads to accuracy and the ability to throw catch, move the chains, score points. So I think when Coach is saying that and I will use that too. When I drop back to pass, I have this vision according to the coverage on where everybody's supposed to be. In many cases, as a quarterback you have to throw the ball with trust and anticipation to spots based upon coverage and what it looks like and anticipate the guys are going to be there. That is where all the timing and the practice comes into play and when we are on the same page, man it looks awesome. Listen as we go through the phrase, the process of kind of learning what to do, what are the adjustments, what certain looks. That is part of the process. That's still the phase that we are in right now. We are still coming together and fine tuning some of that stuff, but that's my vision when I hear paint the picture for the quarterbacks. Your body language is telling me exactly what you are doing and I can feel it and trust to throw the ball accordingly."

More important in this offense than other offenses?

"Yes, because I'd say our passing game is an extension of the run game. For example, when I throw a short pass maybe on the perimeter to C.J. Spiller, Mark Ingram or one of these receivers, (I) Might as well have just handed it off on a toss sweep or something like that. So the idea is that, if we get four yards with that pass play that was the purpose. It was an extension of the run game, and we will be happy with a four yard run just like we will be pleased with a four yard pass on first down. That's what we mean by that."

Speaking about participation, you had a play out there with Michael Thomas, way before he was in his cut, you released the ball. Where is the trust factor between you and him right now going into the season?

"It's coming along, it's night and day prior to going back to OTA's. Our time at training camp we have been able to grow and leap some bounds in regards to his understanding in our offense and where to be and when to be there and when the ball is going to come/ when to get your head around. All those types of things. I think we see him progressing in a great way."

What are you guys looking to get out of this preseason game, especially offensively.

"Typically your third game is your final dress rehearsal as a starting unit going into the season since a lot of us don't play much during the final game. We want to look sharp, we have not game planned at all for New England or Houston. You practice against them a bit but then you are calling a lot of the same stuff that you are continuing to install and not so much based upon what they are doing to you. The third game is a time where, okay you are watching more film, you are able to fine tune a little more of what you are doing based upon how they are going to defend you. Again this is kind of like, hey we prepare in a very short amount of time to play this game as if it were a regular season game."

Is it fair to say that, Michael Thomas has said he has gotten advice from Keyshawn Johnson, DeAndre Hopkins, Chris Carter, Michael Irvin. Is it fair to say that he is fairly savvy for a guy his age?

"I think he's further along probably for a few reasons; number one he comes from that lineage. Number two he played at Ohio State. Urban Meyer, a head coach who makes things extremely competitive for his players at all times. Playing a lot of big games, they asked him to go in and make a lot of big catches in big situations. He is used to that type of atmosphere, which is good because you get under the stage at the NFL and he knows what this feels like."

Are there things you do to set your guys up for success after the catch?

"I know for me as a quarterback, I know if a guy's getting separation and I'm able to hit I am in stride as he is getting separation. That is an opportunity for big plays after the catch."

How has the message and the mentality changed coming off back to back 7-9 seasons with the team?

"There is a great sense of urgency. I mean that's unacceptable for those have been here for a while and are used to being a perennial player and a playoff team. At the same time we understand there is a process to acquiring the right guys here. Toughness, character, great leadership. Guys that are willing to sacrifice for the team. Guys that are here for the right reasons, I feel like the acquisitions we have made, especially this year in free agency and the draft. I think a lot of those guys would play a key role this year."

Your offensive line takes a little criticism, is that just more of a time task issue?

"No, you can't. No don't mess with those guys, those guys are doing great. Those guys are grinding. We played a great pass rushing team last week. So they are going to get to you one way or another, no matter who they are playing. From a game plan perspective, everything we were doing is very simple. There is a lot that goes into protection, it's not just the five guys up front. It's the tight ends, it's the running backs, it's the quarterback getting the ball out on time and where it's supposed to go. They are going to get to you from time to time. You just have to avoid something bad from happening."

So you're saying some of the nuances that go into avoiding some of the new match ups. Blocking in the regular season weren't really happening in the last game?

"Well that's part of it. I listed a lot of things that go into protection. There are a lot of guys that play a role in that. We had break downs in a lot of different places. There are times when you just get beat and its really good players and we got into some third and long situations where we are required to hold the ball for a long period of time and guys get pin the urge back and rush. No offensive line wants to be in that position. So put it this way, I'm not worried about our guys."

With your self-imposed deadline of the start of the season kind of inching closer. Is there any talk of a new deal?

"I'll just say there is nothing to report right now. Focus on football and we will see where it leads prior to the season."

Drew, we all know how athletic Terron Armstead is but is there any play that sticks out as an example of his athleticism?

"His forty time is pretty cool. If you just want to look at that. There are plenty of times you see him on film and say wow that was really athletic for a 300-pound guy. Whether it was his ability to keep balance on something or pulling across the corner on a toss crack play or running down on a screen. He can do some pretty athletic stuff."

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