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Drew Brees on Saints-Patriots joint training camp practice

Brees spoke with media following Wednesday's practice with the Patriots

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Training Camp Presented By Verizon Media Availability Transcript
Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Have you been told how long you might play tomorrow?

I've been told a series or so

Can you talk about the opportunity to finally get to a game?

Yes, you've had a lot of install, a lot of practice time. Now you like the opportunity to apply it in a game.

Is this more of an opportunity to prove it?

Yes, you do. The offseason at the end of the day is phases, what does this guy look like in the weight room and from a conditioning standpoint? What does he look like in OTAs and with no pads on and what does he look like in training camp with pads on and then what does he look like when the lights come on?

How important were these two days considering you probably won't play a lot tomorrow?

Very important, because you get a lot of reps, put into a lot of situations. That's the design of these joint practices, the opportunity for both teams to really get a ton of repetition against a new look, new looks, new scheme, new personnel and so for a lot of veteran guys that aren't going to get a lot of time in the preseason, this is really our biggest preparation for the season.

Four years ago we saw you and Tom Brady here and today we see you guys still going strong. What are your thoughts on that?

We're both thankful for the opportunities that we've been given. Obviously he's a part of a great organization and has been for a long time. I'm part of a great organization and have been for a long time. I can't speak for him, but from knowing him and his approach, I think we both understand we have to prove it each and every time out and we're in the business of winning, so we both have high expectations of how long we can play, but we don't take it for granted.

Talk about the relationship between the two of you dating back to your college days and maybe how it's grown over the years?

We played against each other in college. We actually reminisced about that a little today, because the weather was exactly the same as it was for that game (Purdue-Michigan), so Tom actually threw that out there for Michigan-Purdue in the big house, it was just like it. They kind of smoked us that day though. It was Purdue walking into the big house and they were pretty stout that year, Tom Brady had a great day. From playing against him in college to the times we've played against each other in the NFL, not only that, but just the respect for him and what he's been able to accomplish, how he's gone about doing it, this is a guy who came into the league as a sixth round pick and his first time and opportunity to start resulted in a Super Bowl Championship and he hasn't slowed down since and this is going on year 17 for him, year 16 for me. I know how thankful I am and how appreciative, don't take it for granted.

As one of the league's elder statesman how do you look at your team's situation from four years ago and how the league treated Tom Brady this year?

I've commented on this quite a bit in the past. I really think I'm at the point in training camp where I'm focused on the season and my team, but obviously that's a tough situation for him and his team to go through.

Did you pass on advice to him though?

No, there's really nothing to say.

What's it like for a young quarterback in the preseason?

You have to take advantage of every opportunity you get. It's not going to be perfect, but in many cases there's a spot or two on this team that is made because of preseason performance, where a guy makes a few plays and almost forces the coaching staff to say how can we not give this guy an opportunity. Work ethic, desire and play will stick out in a coaches mind as to why a player deserves to be around.

Have you identified a how can we not keep this guy player yet?

We haven't played a game in the preseason yet. Listen, there were moments like that with Pierre Thomas back when he came in in 2007. We were deep, deep at running back and you didn't think Pierre had a chance. He made a couple of plays on special teams and then last preseason game he had a chance to start and he's making these spectacular runs. That was a guy where you said how can he not make this team? He got his start on special teams and then he became basically our starting running back for the next eight years.

Are you anxious to see what Garrett Grayson does in his second preseason once the games start?

Yes, for any quarterback, in his second year when you have a year under your belt in the system and better knowledge of the personnel, I think the confidence level is always better than the first go around.

Would you have preferred to slow down today with the weather?

No, this is good. These are the conditions, the weather. I think that the work in itself, a lot of situations. I'm thinking of what situation we didn't cover over the last two days. A lot of repetition, a lot of work, it's good for our team, really good film to look at as we continue teaching during the preseason and training camp. It was good work for all of us.

Do you talk to Tom Brady about your longevity and the things the two of you do to get yourselves ready for gameday?

A little bit. He has a philosophy and it's worked for him for a long time. I have a philosophy and it's worked for me for a long time.

How do they differ?

I don't know exactly. I think there's some stuff we both keep close to the vest, some secret sauce we'll leave it at that.

Is there anything new on the contract situation?

No, not as of yet. My mindset is very much on each day, each opportunity through the preseason, getting some of these young guys ready to play, getting the team ready to play, to have a great year. I haven't thought about it lately.

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