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Drew Brees on facing Lance Moore and the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday

Transcript of Drew Brees' post-practice press conference on Wednesday, November 26, 2014

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Post-Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, November 21, 2014

What did Lance Moore contribute to the offense and also to the position group?

"First of all, Lance (Moore) was an undrafted free agent who I understand (the team) took off of Cleveland's practice squad back in 2005. I think the journey that he traveled in order to get here and then kind of work his way into the starting lineup I think is inspirational for any young player especially a young receiver who comes into a system and it's kind of where is my role, where can I contribute and Lance I think is the epitome of a true professional, a guy who came in, started off on practice squad and then worked his way into becoming one of our best receivers. A guy who, as far as football smarts off the charts, can do anything you ask him to do. The rare thing about Lance is you never needed to describe to him how you wanted the route run, he just knew how to run it. Some guys you say okay, we are going to run this type of route and we are looking for you to seem it two steps then push vertical and when you get to this depth you are going to make this break or do that or whatever. You'd just tell Lance the route and what we are trying to attack and he would say okay, I know how that route needs to be run. He would go out there and he would run it and you'd be like, yes, that is perfect. So it was just a lot of unspoken things with Lance. He was extremely smart, extremely intelligent, great football IQ and just so smooth, just knew how it was supposed to look, knew how it was supposed to feel. Man, he did it for a long time for us and I hated to see him go. He was such an integral part of that receiver core and also just the room itself, a guy who I always saw working with young guys just to help them on little things. That was always Lance. He was really a player coach as much as he was a player."

Joe Morgan has had an up and down season.  Do you think he will step in and really be productive after his performance on Monday night?

"I wouldn't call it an up and down season. I'd say it was really because of injury that he was not there early on and then obviously he had that two week deal but really I think for him it has been a matter of opportunity. So now that he has gotten the opportunity I think he's really found a nice role that could be ever increasing as we go along here."

How come you threw it to him one time for 63 yards and then didn't throw it to him again?

"I would say we completed a lot of other passes to other guys (on Monday night). You are always looking for ways to get him the ball. He took a reverse for what? 67 yards. How come we did'nt hand him another reverse? Sometimes you do something once and then you have to come up with something else (different). You can't go to the well too many times."

How much is your optimism tested at this point and how do you relay that to the rest of players in the locker room?

"I have a short term memory. I think from week to week, when you won a few in a row I think there's definitely a swagger definitely a confidence kind of air to you but (you) still cannot get hung up on previous victories. It's not going to help you with future victories. In fact, success is the worst teacher, failure's the best teacher. It's unfortunate that we have to go through this but I think everybody buys into that. I think everybody believes that, that we're being sharpened by that. Week to week the focus is so much just on that opponent, that challenge so no matter what's behind you or ahead of you it's not as important as what you are doing right now. In fact if you're wasting brain power on anything else then it's just taking away from the job you have to do. I would say for the young guys, the biggest thing that we can do as veteran guys is just show them a presence as to how you'd handle this situation. Our presence is being positive, encouraging. We are about to hit the tipping point. I believe that. It is only a matter of time. We are going to catch some breaks. We are going to get some wins and hopefully those wins will come in bunches but we have to win the first one first."

What stands out about the Steelers defense?

"Dick LeBeau defense, you know you are going to get typically a lot of pressure. They find ways to get their guys to the quarterback. They have always done a good job of that. They are typically a defense that is very opportunistic which they have been this year, gotten quite a few turnovers, defensive touchdowns, just game changing type plays. Again, similar to the Ravens in that just that division are big body, physical, up front, good against the run, pass rush, all that stuff is kind of a common theme with that division."

Are you still baffled by being stopped in the red zone the past couple of weeks?

"Really with the exception of the fourth, the goal line stands that we haven't capitalized on and all of those were early in those games. How's the outcome different or changed if we can get seven points there? Probably pretty significantly I'd say. But other than that I'd say there's no red zone challenges."

Are teams defensing you guys different down there?

"No, it has been a lot of the same stuff. Again, I do not think there have been challenges. I do not think that we just hit a block or a road block when we get down there. Like I said, I think maybe the perception based upon the fact that we have been stopped in third and goal, fourth and goal situations right around the one yard line probably makes you feel like it's a lot worse than it is just because it's somewhat demoralizing when that happens. You had the chance where it would be a seven point swing and a big momentum shift. I think if we get in the end zone both of those times I do not think we are having this conversation."

People aren't used to seeing you guys being stopped down there.  It is almost like a…

"Like a guarantee? No nothing is guaranteed. I think we have done some good stuff down there. Can we execute a little bit better? Yeah. I think we can. But like I said, I think the perception is maybe that just because of the goal line stands."

After a three game skid, can be shaking it up and going on the road be a positive?

"Absolutely, it's a different vibe. There are so many things about this week that are kind of different. We played Monday night so it's a short week. There's more of a focus this week on getting your bodies right and mentally really locking and preparing more mental reps than physical reps based upon the short week. You have Thanksgiving. All of those things that you can say just kind of make the week a little bit different. Again, I think that that is going to be a positive for us. And then going on the road just feeling like you are kind of able to then eliminate all distractions and focus on getting a big win on the road."

Can you lean on the fact that the whole division is 4-7 and under?

"I don't care. I don't care what the rest of the division does. I really do not. I really do not. I am not even thinking about them. Put it this way, if I play Tiger Woods in golf and he beat me. He shot 79 and I shot 80. Is he going to be happy? Did he play up to his potential by doing that? No, he didn't. For us, we shouldn't be worried about just winning the division by one game because everyone in the division is 4-7 or less right now. No, let's play at our potential. Let's worry about us and the way we know how we can play. We'll just count them up at the end and see how many we won and see if that is good enough."

If 4-7 in the NFC West would be last place and you guys are not.  Could that be used to maintain stability or a drive in the locker room?

"Yeah, that's all in front of us. We control our own destiny is really what it comes down to. It's not like we're sitting here at this point saying well we have to win them all and need this team to lose. We control our own destiny. We control our own destiny so yes that can be a positive thing."

Can you talk about Nick Toon and the expectations for him going forward?

"He just got in the lineup because of (Brandin) Cooks (getting injured two weeks ago).  I thought he did really good with the reps he had last week.  I think his role will be ever increasing just as you think about how multiple we are anyway.  If you go through our games and you are sitting and looking at personnel groupings and formations and man, that is a lot of stuff.  He will have his opportunities to be in there and make plays.  I am excited for him.  He has worked hard."

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