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Drew Brees Looks Ahead

Saints QB said he is pleased, but not satisfied with offense’s progress


QB Drew Brees spoke on Monday about transitioning to a regular season work schedule and beginning preparations for the team's first regular season opponent - the Washington Redskins (Sept. 9).

"I think it is appropriate that we all get into a regular season mindset and routine," said Brees. "I think it will be good for us."

But the 2011 NFL Offensive Player of the Year is not quite ready to turn his complete focus to the regular season. He is excited to see more extended time in the Saints fourth of five preseason games against the Houston Texans on Saturday.

"We are still three weeks away and it is not like we are in full game-plan mode for Washington," said Brees. "This game (Houston) is typically the one where you get the most action. I know we are looking forward to hopefully getting out there and getting an appropriate number of snaps, looking sharp, and really feeling like we are in the flow and we are ready because this is the final dress rehearsal for the regular season."

One player Brees has already been impressed with through the preseason is new G Ben Grubbs.

The Saints QB says that Grubbs fits in perfectly with the rest of the offensive line. The unit produced three Pro-Bowlers last season and has been named the Madden Most Valuable Protectors in two of the past three seasons.

"First of all, he (Grubbs) is a great player," said Brees. "Most importantly, he is a great guy and he fits in great in that room. We have a really tight offensive line. I'd say in maybe all of sports, that is the group of guys that just need to be on the same page."

Through three preseason games, Brees has completed 15 of 22 passes (68.2 percent) for 178 yards and one touchdown giving him a 107.8 quarterback rating.

Although Brees said he was pleased with the team's progress heading into the Texans game, he is not yet content.

"I am not by any means satisfied with where we are at," said Brees. "We still have a lot of work to do."

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