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Drew Brees' Falcons week press conference

Video and quotes from Drew Brees' Falcons week press conference

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Post-Practice Media Availability
Wednesday, December 30, 2015
What are some of the things that make you have that confidence about the future of this team?
"Because of the type of guys we have and kind of that transformation from last year to this year. I mean I think every guy who has been here for any period of time and (have) been a part of some of those great teams that we have had and just kind of know what that feeling is. I think that they would reiterate that confidence. That we have the right type of character and leadership and a plan in place to have the type of success in the future here that some of us have had the chance to enjoy since we have been here."
How is the foot?
"(The) Foot feels pretty good, obviously pretty normal soreness coming off the game as expected, but feel like I am further ahead obviously this week than I was last week."
Can it not get better as long as you are playing or are you just trying to deal with it?
"Like I said it feels better now than it did this time last week, but it (the injury) was really fresh last week. I think what it really needs is rest before it's going to really get better. The more that I'm on it and running around and that kind of thing or attempting to do that then it doesn't really give it a chance to, but I had to take an aggressive approach obviously preparing for the games and that kind of thing, but once the offseason comes around I will have a chance to really get it well."
Even with four kids?
"Yeah that's the tough part."
Is it more painful to play on it last week or were you able to affectively tape it well enough to minimize the effects?
"Yeah, yeah we were able to do what we needed to do to at least make it stable, comfortable enough. I mean really it was a mobility issue. Just not being able to do anything to crazy, but I was able to do what I needed to do."
How is having a guy like (Marques Colston) around the team helped with the young wide receivers?
"He is the epitome of a professional in the way that he approaches practice, (all the way) to the game. He is such a calming force and he's played so much football. He is really able to communicate those things to those guys just in the way that he knows the nuances of the offense. I think a lot of the young guys come in and what we do out there is never really the way it's written on the blackboard. A lot of the game is played by feel and adjustments that are made based upon the way people are playing you. First of all guys can watch him and say what made you do that and he is able to communicate that and I think that has been a big help to those guys the last couple of years."
Is it possible that the passing offense even though the yards aren't (Marques Colston's) his specifically that they are attributed to him?
"Yeah, absolutely. I mean you said it exactly the way I would say it. His influence is felt even if he is not the one that is necessarily catching the ball. He has been a big impact on the offense and those guys."
Is being out there with your guys' kind of your driving force?
"Well listen for all of us at this time of year there are a lot of guys that are nicked up or banged up that you could very easily say we are not playing for a playoff position here why risk it why do this well because this is our jobs. This is what we are paid to do and we take pride in what we do, but also we have guys that we don't want to let them down. We want to be there for them and we want to do this together."
Do you anticipate in the next month after the season having talks about your contract with the organization?
"I mean that is the last thing I am thinking about right now. Just get through this game and hopefully get the win and then will worry about all that stuff after the season. I know this if those conversation do take place it would be between myself, my agent, Mickey Loomis and whoever else in this organization that it needs to take place with. You guys would only know when you are ready to know."
You don't look like a guy playing his last game in a Saints uniform do you?
"No, no I certainly don't feel that way, but I guess you guys feel it necessary to ask the question."
What is it like playing through the knowledge that there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding the future?
"I guess I don't see it that way. I don't see it as being uncertainty so call me naïve or call me somebody who has a feeling and I feel like we are headed in the direction going back to last season and the plan that was put in place. Going out and acquiring the type of veterans and young talent, type of leadership character that we need to kind of build the foundation by which we can make a run at it. Like 09,10,11,12 that type of run. I feel like that is what is taking place here right now."
Has this season been on the right track regardless or has it been a disappointment?
"I don't know if I would call it underachieving. I would say of course it is disappointing because our expectation level was much higher than where we are right now recordwise. I have seen some things despite the record with all the adversity and with the disappointment that really encourages me for what I feel like we have and what we have to now build upon as we move forward."
Considering you heard all these reports last year, will that make you feel better knowing those didn't happen?
"No it's not that I am tired of it. I find it pretty funny. I mean I think I have been traded to no less than four other teams. I mean there were talks throughout the offseason, obviously there have been a few mentioned during this season. I'm sure there will be a few more in the month of January. I chuckle and wonder where they come from. I wonder how some people in this industry have a job. Reporting some of the stuff that they report with their sources or their cousin or whoever they are talking to to get their information. That is why I kind of laugh and chuckle and it's good that we can all laugh about it right here."
2009, '10 and '11 were pretty amazing years; why do you think something like that could happen again?
"Well, they came off of two losing seasons in '07 and '08 didn't they? (Those) were two non-playoff years in '07 and '08."
But the '06 draft was (a great draft for the Saints)?
"Maybe the '14 draft's one that can kind of put their stamp on the next few years. I like what we have from a character and leadership perspective. It really starts there. It cannot start anywhere else. When you feel like you have that, you always feel like you have a chance."
Does this game mean a little more being that it is a rivalry game?
"Yes, for sure. They're (Atlanta Falcons) coming off of a big win last week too against Carolina obviously. This game's always been pretty meaningful for both sides. Despite the fact that neither of us have playoff chances at this point, there is still a lot to play for. I know they have a first-year coach there who has done a really good job, and who I am sure has given them some confidence and excitement about their future. I feel that way about our guys here. (There is) a lot to play for on both sides."
Do you guys look at individual goals for this game as a team, such as trying to get Willie Snead to 1,000 (receiving yards) or trying to avoid Sean Payton's first double-digit loss season?
"More so the positive stuff. If a guy is close to some type of individual achievement or club record, just that kind of stuff, yes, that's meaningful, certainly to try to get those guys that type of recognition."
With what he has had to deal with regarding his knee, how impressive has Terron Armstead's season been?
"It's really impressive. I know what he has had to battle through from week-to-week. (He's had) very limited practice (and has had to) really get himself mentally and physically ready to play each and every Sunday, knowing that he is going to be limited, and yet he's still done an outstanding job. It has been impressive."

What has he been like on Sundays when he is kind of just gutting it through?
"(He's just treated it like) man, this is business. We're just out here, he's got a job to do and you can see the look in his eye. That same type of attitude though, like you're not going to let this guy touch you, and let's go score points. Let's get the job done."
Talking about the chemistry you've had all year with the young receiving corps, what are you building with them this game and during the offseason?
"I am excited about these guys. With all of them being second-year guys too, you just feel like the future is bright. We will continue to grow and evolve together. That is what rejuvenates me. I look back to that era obviously with Marques (Colston), Devery (Henderson), (Robert) Meachem and Lance Moore. That was our stable there for a long time. Those guys were a big part of this organization and a big part of our success on offense. I'm not putting the same label on these guys but certainly, I know how they work and I know their mindset. I know how great they want to be. It's hard not to get really excited about just spending every day I get to spend with these guys, and just the heights that we can take this thing together. It's pretty cool but we're just going to take it one step at a time."
Is there an emotional component to playing a season finale with (Zach) Strief, (Jahri) Evans and (Marques) Colston, knowing that this may possibly be (the last game) for that group?
"10 (years) is a big number. That is pretty awesome. That's really awesome. You never know what the future holds. I think you just try to value these times as much as you can because at some point, it comes to an end. It does for everybody. (We'll) just value every second of it while we can."
Since you played with the Chargers, how disappointed would you be if they left and went to Los Angeles?
"Having played there and really having great memories there from those five years, and really those were big growth years for me as a person and as a professional, before coming here, it would be hard to envision them anywhere else. If you look at the history of the organization, technically, they started off in Los Angeles as the L.A. Chargers in 1960 in the old AFL days, and then they made their way to San Diego. Being away from it and not hearing all of the – I mean I do not even know all of the dynamics over the last few years as to why not or this and that. I think San Diego with the Padres and the Chargers, you just feel they should be there and that they belong there. That grouping right there, just like the Saints and the Pelicans. It would be hard to envision them going to Los Angeles."
Would you be disappointed that you never got to go back and play there as a Saint, because they are on the schedule next year?
"Yes I know, we would go there next year. Yes, I have been looking forward to that one, I'll be honest with you. We'll see."
Any New Year's resolutions for yourself or for the team?

"I've got a few but I'll just keep those to myself."

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