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Drew Brees excited about additions to Saints offense

The future Hall of Famer is focused on guiding the team to success

Drenched in sweat after a hot day on the field, quarterback Drew Brees met with the New Orleans media corps following Wednesday's minicamp. The team's captain spoke for about 10 minutes with the subjects centered around the upcoming season and his new teammates. Brees, much like his play on the field, stayed on track with his answers.

"Whatever it takes to win" the 10-time Pro Bowler said. "I just want to win games."

The future Pro Football Hall of Famer was asked about the incorporation of Adrian Peterson into the offense:

"There's a ton of excitement around the signing of Adrian Peterson, but let's not forget that we have Mark Ingram. The combination of those two guys is what makes us even more formidable.

Clearly there is reason to be excited about the addition of the fture Hall of Famer. Peterson has rushed for 11,747 yards and has won the league MVP in his 10 seasons. However, Brees is not writing off the usage of Mark Ingram. He praised Ingram in his talks with the media.

"I appreciate (Ingram) a lot," Brees said. "He's "one of the best all-purpose backs in this league."

The Saints quarterback is just "glad we have both of them." He stated that it allows the team to "beat you in a bunch of different ways."

Not only does Brees get the luxury of having two star running backs, but he also gets to enjoy the addition of Alvin Kamara, the team's versatile rookie running back out of Tennessee. Kamara figures to be the third down back with his ability to be a weapon catching passes out of the backfield.

Brees said he is "really excited to work with (Kamara)."

Along with having multiple threats at running back, Brees praised his receiving corps.

We have a "wide range of guys," said Brees, entering his 17th season. The core four receivers on the team, "Mike Thomas with his physicality, Ted Ginn with his speed, Willie Snead with his shiftiness, Brandon Coleman with his size and strength," were spoken highly of by their quarterback.

Not only are the Saints set at quarterback, running back and receiver, but the team, as Brees described, has a "good core group" along the offensive line.

The men that protect Brees and open up holes for the running backs "work so well together," said Brees, a five-time 5,000-yard passer. "Those guys are always on the same page."

When asked about the offensive line's ability to pass block and run block Brees said, "The bottom line is that they've got to be able to do both and I think they're going to be great at both."

Brees knows that this team needs to "compete," yet be about the "brotherhood" described in his press conference if it wants to achieve its highest potential – another Super Bowl ring.  

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