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Drew Brees, Chase Daniel continue rivalry Friday night

Former teammates eager to square off in preseason opener


From 2010-12, Chase Daniel served as Drew Brees' backup.

Daniel signed with the Kansas City Chiefs in the offseason, and in his first game since leaving New Orleans he will face his old squad in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Friday night.

Although it will be the first time Daniel has faced the Saints, it's just another chapter in his never-ending battle with Brees.

While Daniel was with the Saints, the quarterbacks competed in nearly everything – at practice, in post-practice QB accuracy contests, in the weight room – it didn't matter. If one could win and one could lose, they were all for it.

Daniel and Brees' lockers were right next to each other. They kept a "scoreboard" on top of Daniel's locker to keep track of their duels.

They each are convinced they are taller than the other (both are listed at 6 feet). Brees has conceded that the younger Daniel is faster than him but says he has better endurance as he once joked, "Chase can't outlast the old bull"

"Drew and I have a unique relationship based almost purely off competitiveness, sort of like a big brother-little brother type of relationship," Daniel said this week. "It will be weird walking into the Superdome and not being on his team."

Daniel appeared in 45 games during his time with New Orleans. While serving as Brees' backup, he also was the primary holder for extra points and field goals.

With Brees' success and durability, Daniel's opportunities to see action at quarterback were limited.[internal-link-placeholder-0]

Since Brees arrived in New Orleans, he has started 111 of 112 games. The only game Brees missed was the 2009 regular-season finale in Carolina when the Saints rested most of their starters.

As competitive as they are, Brees served as a mentor for Daniel. It's fair to say no Saints player during Brees' Saints tenure has spent more time with him than Daniel.

Daniel hopes to take what he learned during his time in the Crescent City to help maximize his opportunity in Kansas City.

"Drew taught me so much along with all my coaches and teammates while I was in New Orleans and I'll be forever grateful," Daniel said. "I will try and take what I learned and apply it with the Chiefs with my own twists."

Brees is happy for the opportunity Daniel has received in Kansas City and will be keeping a close eye on his former backup's play with the Chiefs.

"Chase is in a great system and one that I think fits him well with a great head coach in Andy Reid," Brees said. "He's playing in a city where he is kind of a cult hero from his college days. Having a veteran quarterback like Alex Smith there will help him a lot. It's only a matter of time before he gets his opportunity. He's worked for it."

Even with Daniel in Kansas City, the gunslingers' rivalry hasn't weakened. When told about this story, Brees said: "When you talk to Chase ask him how many times he won our rebound game this summer – because the answer should be (making the zero symbol with his hand.)"

Although Friday night's game is only the preseason, make no mistake – both Brees and Daniel will be monitoring the other and the final box score to compile any post-game banter they can fire at one another.

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