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Drew Brees' Chargers week press conference

Quotes from Drew Brees' Chargers week press conference

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees
Local Media Availability
Wednesday, September 28, 2016

How odd do you think it is that you have not been back to San Diego to play the Chargers in a game there since you signed with the Saints?

"It is kind of unusual. I think it is the only stadium that we have not been to since I've been here. I feel like every other team, every other division, whether it's NFC or AFC we have been too, but not to San Diego. I think it just happened to be the way the schedule shook out. In '08 we were in London obviously and then (in) '12 we were here. It's kind of crazy."

Does playing in San Diego give you a little more motivation?

"I've been waiting for a moment to go back there. Bottom line is they are a very good football team. I have a lot of respect for Philip (Rivers) and I know what they are capable of on offensive side of the ball. I know how good that defense can play as well. I have a lot of respect for John Pagano, the defensive coordinator. He was there as a linebackers coach during my time in San Diego. He has been there a long time and he has done a great job with that defense. I know the challenge that is ahead of us. As far as the preparation and everything it's a short week after playing Monday. It is sort of a modified routine, but the amount of time and energy that goes into the game plan is still very much the same and I'm trying to visualize what it is going to be like walking into that stadium for the first time in a long time and try to get those feelings and emotions at right now so once the game starts I can walk in and I'm ready to go."

What is your best memory there? (San Diego)

"I have a lot of memories. I have played with a lot of great players. The first day I walk in, the locker room as a Charger, I am looking at Junior Seau and Rodney Harrison, Doug Flutie. LaDainian Tomlinson and I came in together as rookies. Throughout my time there, just so many great relationships, Lorenzo Neal, Antonio Gates a bunch of the lineman there, that we all had a good stint together. Nick Hardwick a Purdue guy, he was there a long time. He came in '04. Just a bunch of great guys and great teammates that I know had an impact on me as a player and a person."

What are your thoughts on maybe there not being a team there next year?

"Yeah, I think it would be a shame. San Diego is such a great city. The Chargers have been there for a long time. So have the Padres. I get there are a lot other things going on in San Diego. We used to joke around sometimes if it was a pretty day they'd rather go to the beach and catch some waves than going to the game and watch it. I still think the team means a lot to the city and I think many of these decisions are financial decisions. You want to build a new stadium, who is going to pay for it and where is it going to go. Obviously the temptation to go to LA is real just because it's a big market and maybe (they) have more opportunities/capabilities to find a place to build a stadium or share a stadium up there. Regardless I think it would be a shame if the Chargers were gone from San Diego. I think they belong there."

Have you been in that stadium at all since your last game? For any reason.

"I worked Reggie Bush's football camp there I think in the '07 off season.  So I have been in the stadium but haven't played a game."

Do you think your feelings diminish because you have so much history here and you are so far removed from that?

"That's true, but I can close my eyes and I can visualize being in that stadium. I can visualize the names that are up on the ring of honor, I can visualize the scoreboard and the flags that kind of wave around the stadium. That is another place that's hosted a lot of Super Bowls, maybe just the vision of all the things that have happened in that stadium, I was a part of some of that but I certainly appreciated it while it was going on even if I was not there at the time. I pretty good memory when it comes to those things so I can close my eyes and visualize a lot of those things."

How desperate is the situation on Sunday for you guys?

"We need to win. Obviously going into the bye week too. We're obviously banged up at some of the positions and it will give us a chance to get healthy after the bye. Just to be able to get some momentum. Just to capitalize on what I feel like has been good preparation and work for us. We just want to see the fruit of that. You want to see victories and success so you can continue to build confidence and momentum as the season progresses."

Is it kind of shocking that you guys are where you are?

"You can't change anything about it. Disappointed that this is the start and this is the position we are in now, but we still have a long season ahead of us.  I'm kind of confident that we are going to be able to turn around. I'm confident that once we get our first win that things will begin to fall in place. I think we are an ascending team. We have gotten better in a lot of ways since we have gone along. We just need that first one."

How do you cope with playing really well, just not seeing wins?

"I've always been a big believer in if you focus on the process, the result takes care of itself. Sometimes if you get too caught up in the result, that affects your preparation, your process and it affects what should be your good sound decisionmaking. I have a great process in place throughout the week, my routine, what I do to take care of my body and mind to prepare myself and go out and play my best. That is all that I can do and try to put the guys around me in the best position to succeed as well. If that is good enough to win than that is good enough to win."

Is the process maybe lacking for other guys? Do they need to figure out something?

"No, I think it hasn't happened for us yet. It has (not) come together for us yet. I am confident that it will very soon and when it does I feel like a lot of good things will come after that."

Does the message shift to become more demanding at this stage or more urgency?

"There has been a sense of urgency. This is a team game and there are things that we can do that can be more complimentary all phases. I don't think we have played our best game offensively. I don't think we have played our best game defensively. I don't think we have played our best game as a special team unit. In each of these games you would probably say there are some glaring things in each of the phases that need to be corrected. Even if one or two of those things need to be corrected as a unit I think that will result in wins. These have all been close, hard fought games.  It is not like we are getting blown out and we don't know why. We can point to little things here and there and if we can get over those things, the results are different."

Is it just a matter of a few plays here and there?

"Yes, it is very simple. I think you need to keep it very simple because we are a young team that is highly motivated, highly capable and you just need some good things to happen. You just have to believe that some good things are going to happen. If you continue to do things the right way, good things will happen."

You mentioned trying not to let the fact that you're playing San Diego effect your mindset; was that different the first time you played them?

"We only play them every four years so it seems like every time we play them, it is a totally different team for us and a totally different team for them. Obviously back in 2008, it was only two years removed, so I still knew a lot of those guys and a lot of those coaches. Every game is meaningful. I am not going to sit here and tell you that this one may not mean a little bit more, but my preparation remains the same."

Do you like the team's psyche right now at 0-3? Is everyone's head in the right place?

"Yes, I believe our heads are in the right place. The fact that we are in a short week just means that we're on the field faster. Last week seemed like it took forever. This week is going to get here before you know it."

Is it fair to say that you have been trying to prove them wrong every single game since you left there?

"No. Everything happens for a reason. I belong here. They've had a lot of success too. I just think everything has happened the way that it was supposed to happen."

Philip Rivers is going on year 11 there and doing pretty well too. Did you know that he was that good?

"Yes, I did. (He was) a four-year starter in college and had all kinds of success. (He's) just ultra-competitive and loves football.  Those are the kinds of guys that succeed. It was kind of an interesting situation there in 2004 and 2005. Here is Philip (Rivers) who they drafted as the fourth pick and you knew that it was only a matter of time before they wanted him on the field. Doug Flutie was still there in his 37th year as a professional football player, and then me who was just trying to establish myself as the guy for the future. I think all of us had qualities and yet only one guy could be the guy. I appreciate that time that we all had together. We had some good times. We had some really good times. We all have a great friendship as a result of it. Again, everything happens for a reason. I get hurt that last game in 2005, they move on and I move on. I think we are all better for it."

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