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Diane Shay named Saints/Chevron Teacher of the Week

Shay is a ninth-grade teacher at Pearl River High School

Chevron and the Saints Teacher of the Week program honored Pearl River High School ninth-grade Algebra I teacher Diane Shay during pre-game of their match-up with the Dallas Cowboys for her commitment to today's youth. Her passion for education is highlighted through all of her classroom efforts. Shay offers daily tutoring for her students which creates a one-on-one learning experience.

An undergraduate from Loyola and Dominican College with a degree in Mathematics, along with her Master's degree in Education from the University of New Orleans, Shay has been playing an active role in the classroom and as a guidance counselor for more than 37 years. After realizing she missed the classroom interaction, she left her 12-year guidance counseling career and transitioned back into the teaching role.

Shay said that her favorite part about teaching is being around her students.

"Even when I took a year off of teaching, I missed them," said Shay. "I know a lot of people don't understand that, but these kids are so energizing and I very much enjoy the time that I spend with them."

Working in education in a world full of technology, Shay realizes that she faces a challenge with engaging the students.

"Kids are so inundated with technology," said Shay. "It can be a big distraction to their education. Keeping them on task when things aren't always so quick is difficult since they're used to the instant gratification of technology."

Despite the challenge, Shay has a true enthusiasm for the education of today's youth. Shay said that she is touched to receive the honor of being Teacher of the Week.

She said, "There are people that go through their whole lives and never know what this feels like to have so many people wish you well is a tremendous life experience."

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