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Postgame quotes from New Orleans Saints Coach Dennis Allen, players

Allen: 'The three takeaways were killers in the game'

New Orleans Saints Coach Dennis Allen

Opening statement:
"Offensively, we did some good things to move the ball and we scored some points. The three takeaways were killers in the game. We got to fix some of these issues and that's my responsibility of these things that need to be fixed. We haven't been able to do that. We got to get these guys back and give us some more guys out there and help us start winning games."

On biggest concern regarding team's play and injuries:
"My biggest concern is that we haven't had the health of our players. So we got into this game tonight and (Bradley Roby) goes out in the first series and so we were really down to only two corners and this is a big 11 personnel team that's going to throw three wide receivers out there and made it challenging."

On the team's defense and its explosive plays:
"They had one good play in there that I felt like was a good scheme play versus what we had called and that was the long run, 45-yard run I think it was. The first explosive I think was a scramble out with Kyler Murray, he created some extra time to throw the ball and he got run down more across the field. I know we had a check, we got to check it down one time on second down and missed several tackles and it became an explosive play. So that's an area we got to shore that up, it's not good enough right now. I'll be honest with you that all starts with me. I got to be better, I got to do a better job with those defensive guys and put them in a position to have success."

On what went wrong during the final two minutes of the first half:
"We still had time to go out and make a play. I would say of the three interceptions of Andy's (Dalton)... down in the red area, I thought he was trying to set that in a pretty tight window. The other interception that was at the beginning of the two minutes was a pass that should've been caught and then I didn't see it, but I think he got kind of got hit on that last one and caused it to not be an accurate throw, so it's really hard to put that one on the QB. I thought in that situation I really thought we were moving the ball effectively. I thought our offense was doing a good job being able to move the ball and so it felt like it was the right move and obviously two pick-6's there in the first half was not good."

On getting injured players back soon:
"I certainly hope so. In part of the National Football League is everybody gets the victories, so that's just part of it and it'll never be an excuse. We got beat today and we got to own that. That's on me, that's on us and we've got to play better. I would hope that we're able to get a guy like (wide receiver) Michael Thomas or (wide receiver) Jarvis Landry or (cornerback) Marshon Lattimore. Also, (cornerback Paulson) Adebo who missed a game today... we're able to get some of those guys back and healthy and I think that'll help."

On incorporating wide receiver Rashid Shaheed or tight end Taysom Hill:
"Everybody's got a skill set of things that they do really well and Taysom has his role and you kind of get down a little bit and Juwan (Johnson)'s kind of been the guy that's been in there in those situations. So the game kind of dictates that a little bit and I think he's still a young player and so each week there'll be a few more things we'll try to incorporate because he does provide an explosive development to our offense."

On the message when mistakes happen:
"I think our team knows they're held accountable. I don't think there's any question they're held accountable if that's what the question is."

On the mindset of the team currently:
"Frustrated but not despondent. Everything we want to accomplish is still the route right in front of us. I'm fully confident that this team will put together a string of wins and turn things around."

Saints quarterback Andy Dalton

On which interception he would want back the most:
"That one (in the end zone) is tough. I saw the window there and he made a good play, he undercut the route, so yeah you'd like to have that one back. The other couple ones are just unfortunate happenings in the play. Those are the ones that made a huge difference because it led to a pick-6 on both of them. So, that's tough. I'd definitely, I'd like to have all three of them back."

On the second interception and if the throw was affected by being hit:
"I got hit and it affected the throw. I was going to have Chris (Olave) in that window behind him but when I got hit it changed the trajectory of the ball and he made a play on it."

On the recent team's success over the last four weeks and if there is frustration that two drives could cause the Saints to take steps back:
"At the end of the day it's about wins and losses. Regardless of what we've been able to do offensively and the points that we've been able to score, we haven't been able to score more than the other team. That's the frustrating part. There's definitely things that you can look at and you can say we're doing some things really well, but at the end of the day we haven't won these last couple ones ... especially since I've been playing we've had close games in every single one of them. We've had our chances and we haven't been able to get it done, and that's the frustrating part."

On the mind-set right now:
"Yeah, everybody is sticking together. That's the only thing that we can worry about. We've got to worry about us and the only way we're going to get out of this feeling, this way is to pull all together in the same direction and we will. I think we've got the right people here and we know the standard of how we want to play and the expectation. We've got to go get that done."

On the additional days to rest because of the Thursday Night Game schedule and if it's an opportunity to get players back:
"I think that's one thing you can look at this team and we've got some guys that are out and hopefully in this next time off we can get some guys back healthy. We've got some guys that haven't been able to play that we definitely feel like can help us."

Saints defensive end Cam Jordan

On the team's mind-set right now:
"The mind-set is we have to find a reason—we have to find a way to get better. You end up losing to a team that we felt confident about. You get into whatever it is, you come out it's the second half and there's a lot of space and opportunity. We've got to be able to capitalize. You look at it, they had three turnovers and we had zero. We've got to step up."

On the defense's mind-set and how frustrating it is to give up explosive plays:
"The explosives and the touchdowns that happened in the second half they can't let that happen. Missed tackles are always going to hurt. If you have a missed tackle you always should have eight or nine or 10 guys rallying to the football. We've got to break down this film and we have to get back after it. We have to find a way. Right now we have to find our solution. We have to be the solution. We have the right personnel in the building to win. We have all the ability to win, we have to put that together. You can't take two steps forward one game and three steps back the next."

On how missed tackles can affect the game and how can it get fixed:
"Coaches can only go so far. It has to be on the players—it is on the players. When it comes down to tackling, there's got to be emphasis on the will of wanting to tackle. There's got to be an emphasis on rallying. If one guy misses, again, it should be eight or nine guys flying to the ball, so we've got to break down this film, and we have to get better. I saw (Saints DE) Carl Granderson come out the stack and make a tackle down field and if that's what it takes, that's what it takes. We have to be able to get these guys down each and every time, so more rallying, more effort. At this point, you take a loss and you can say immediately the defense was not the reason why we won the game, clearly. We want to be the reason."

On if there were issues in the effort or the execution:
"I'd like to see the film first. I think there was effort there. I think on a quick turnaround week everybody wanted to win. We had things in control. We had things where we wanted it to be and it got away from us. That's something that as a defense you have to be able to step up and if you see a turnover, we have to create a turnover. We have to create more turnovers. Our turnover differential is probably pits. It's probably the worst in the league right now. We have to figure that out. ASAP. Before I can look at anyone else, I'm looking at myself. I haven't created a forced turnover yet. We knew what our job was with (QB) Kyler Murray. We knew that he could give the ball up. You saw him fumble once he got tackled once or twice and he fell on it. That's not good enough. We have to get that ball out."

On the reality of injuries:
"If you want excuses we have tons of those. We're not looking for excuses, we're looking for solutions. Again, I think we have the right "next man up" mentality to make those solutions happen. I think we have to go into each and every game knowing that if this is what we got it's good enough. Now we just can't go ahead and punch ourselves in the stomach with it."

On of the Cardinals second half success was a result of them stepping up or the Saints defense being unable to get stops:
"I think there is some times where we had them figured out. You saw three and outs happen. I think there was times where we had exactly what we wanted and then somewhere in there our gap integrity was not strong enough so sometimes it was on us. All the time it's on us. I think we gave them everything that they got. If you look at our offensive output versus theirs, our offensive output was stronger than theirs, so it's got to be on defense. We had a couple three and outs but we had zero turnovers, so it's got to be on defense. We missed a couple tackles and those can be crucial. That's leaky yardage. We've got to tighten that up. It starts with me and it starts with our defensive front."

On how confident he is that the team can turn things around:
"Again, I think we have the right personnel in the building. I can't look across any position and say we're weak at one spot. I think we have depth. We have injuries but that's "next man up" mentality. I think we have the guys that can overcome adversity. I think that there are some situations in this game, had we overcome them we'd be sitting in a far better, more confident spot. I think we played good and not great. If you're not playing great, that can get you beat on a Thursday."

On if he felt they had the game under control before the first half and the two interceptions:
"That's easily said. Yeah."

Saints running back Mark Ingram II

On his thoughts on the game:
"We don't have (any) other option than to be positive and proactive in changing it. Obviously, we just feel like we just keep killing ourselves. At the end of the half, 14 points, red zone turnover, big plays, and explosives. We all have our hands dirty in a loss. We just have to continue to be accountable. Continue to improve. It's not going to change unless we change it. We get a long weekend to recover, get healthy, and get some of our guys healthy. It's going to be back to the drawing board again trying to do what we can to prepare to get a win."

On if there comes a point in the season where confidence among the team is fragile:
"I don't think confidence is fragile. We have the right guys in this locker room. We have the right guys on this team, the right coaching staff. We believe in each other and obviously we know there is going to be a lot of outside noise. A lot of people outside the building (are) trying to tear us apart and trying to bring us down but we know what we have in this locker room. We're not going to hang our heads and feel sorry for ourselves—nobody feels sorry for us. We are going to have this long weekend, get healthy and go back to the drawing board starting on Monday. None of us like losing. We've been good here in New Orleans for a long time. We just played with a confidence and a swag that was different. We've just got to get back to doing what we do, knowing how to do it, and not beating ourselves."

On the QB competition and if it's hard to judge it based on things that have happened outside of their control:
"I think it's difficult sometimes to judge a lot of people when things are just not going the right way and kind of having a lot of oomph. Just a lot of bad stuff happening. We've got two great guys at Q (quarterback), and we just support everybody on our team. Whoever is up, whoever is ready, that's who we are going to rock with. We want (QB) Jameis (Winston) to get healthy and to get fresh. (QB) Andy (Dalton) has done a great job for us so obviously that's a tough decision, but we love our guys. We love our quarterbacks. We're going to support both of them. We're going to fight hard for whoever is under center."

Saints safety Tyrann Mathieu

On fixing defensive errors going forward:
"It's just fundamentals. Obviously, just hone in more throughout the course of the week. At this level it's going to always come down to turnovers. You have to be able to win the turnover battle. You know even if your team isn't playing well, if you're able to create turnovers you're able to keep yourself in the game. We lost the turnover battle again. Just got to find a way once again to affect the ball, get the ball back."

On the reason for the defenses lack of turnovers:
"I've been in the league a long time, sometimes the ball just doesn't bounce your way. That's why you just keep grinding, keep pushing through as cliche as that sounds. We still got a bunch of games left, so I think we can easily turn it around. But it's going to take more than just believing. I think we have to really just put our head down and get to work."

On the break before next game:
"We are missing a lot of our guys that play big roles whether offensively or defensively. I think we can win every game with the guys that we have. It's just trying not to find a way to lose the game. We had plenty of opportunities today to kind of put ourselves back in the game or take the lead. We just haven't been able to do that."

Saints offensive lineman James Hurst

On what the feeling is in the locker room:
"Just disappointment, really. I feel like you do a lot of good things, but they're just offset by too many self-inflicted wounds. I'm speaking of turnovers for the offense. We just can't do it. We know when we don't turn the ball over, we can do good things. We can be a productive offense and score points, but at the end of the day, three turnovers, two of them are touchdowns... That's just a huge mountain to climb."

On how frustrating it is to see the team make the same mistakes:
"Very frustrating. It's really tough. It's definitely not a lack of effort by the guys. I know we all want it and I know we're all working for it. I know everyone is working really hard. We've got to find what it is. We've got to find the 'it' factor and we have to figure it out fast. We have to turn around fast. There's definitely a sense of urgency behind it. We'll have this little mini break to get away and reset. We're going to come back to work ready to go."

On whether getting players back from injury gives him optimism:
"Yeah, absolutely. We have some really talented guys that haven't been able to play for us. Knowing those guys are coming back, you love to see those guys on the field. That brings a certain energy to the whole team for sure. So, we've got some really, really good players that'll be coming back. The cavalry is coming. We're just going to rely on that, the energy and find the right way to win a game."

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