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Daniel Understands His Role

Saints QB looks to maximize his opportunity


The New Orleans Saints finished their sixth OTA practice on Thursday with QB Chase Daniel leading the first-team offense.

Daniel joked that he is No. 1B on the quarterback depth chart until Drew Brees returns. Daniel said he has faith Brees will sign a new deal and will return to "lead the ship," but for now the former University of Missouri standout is looking to maximize his opportunity.

"I obviously know my role on this team, and right now it's to prepare like the starter and take the first-team snaps," said Daniel. "This is Drew's team, I'm just here to fill in, get ready and prepare like a starter like I have since 2009, when I got started here."

Daniel has been Brees' understudy for the past three seasons. The two have talked after each practice this week to go over what went on and how each other is preparing.

Daniel sees Brees as his big brother. Daniel spends as much time with Brees as anyone and he credits the Super Bowl XLIV Most Valuable Player with teaching him how to be a pro.

During the six OTAs, Daniel has continued Brees' habit of spending extra time with the receiving corps after practice, running routes the group felt they needed to fine-tune.

Daniel's three years of tutelage under Brees has given his teammates plenty of confidence in him.

"Chase is a guy we have a lot of confidence in," said OT Zach Strief. "He knows the offense as well as anyone. People talk a lot about the time that Drew spends in the facility and the extra work he puts in but Chase is attached to his hip. The work that is put in by Drew is put in by Chase."

Daniel was originally signed by Washington as an undrafted free agent in 2009, Daniel joined the Saints following training camp and split time between the practice squad and active roster before becoming Brees' backup for the past two seasons.

As with every NFL player, Daniel's ultimate goal is to be a full-time starter. He understands what it takes to be the face of a program. He led Missouri to a 30-11 record over three years as a starter, including the first two Big 12 North Division titles in school history.

"My expectations have always been since I stepped foot in the league, to work hard every single day to become a starter," said Daniel. "I'm just receiving an opportunity right now to show what I have, to go out there, get completions, move the ball, run the offense, run the team, and I think it's worked pretty well.

"I think of it as right now I'm number one, I'm the starter right now. But in the back of my mind it's Drew first and foremost."

Untill Brees returns, Daniel is gaining some quality experience to reach his ultimate goal.

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