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Daniel: "I'm Working Every Single Day to be a Starter"

Daniel: "This is Drew's team, I'm just here to fill in and get ready and prepare like a starter like I have since 2009, when I started here."


New Orleans Saints Quarterback Chase Daniel
Media Availability
Thursday, May 24, 2012

How much will receiving extended reps this offseason, help foster improvement down the road?
"Getting a chance to work with Marques Colston, (Jimmy) Graham, (Darren) Sproles, I could go on and on. All those guys make me a lot better, just them having confidence in me. Getting in and out of the huddle in the tempo we've had the first 3 days has been excellent. For the first week that's awesome. I felt like I threw the ball a lot better and really got better."

What do you have to different in practice when you are taking the reps as compared to not being starting QB?
"I think it's the same. It's definitely a different group around you, you know you're working with the ones and the twos, and you know it's good for me. You know this being the fourth year in the league for me, I feel comfortable helping guys get lined up, whether I'm with the ones or twos and just really knowing what we have every single play, helping the running backs, the new guys, and the new receivers. "

Are you more vocal critiquing guys?
"Absolutely. I think that started five or six weeks ago when we started the offseason program. I think it's just carrying over to the field, just trying to step up and being a leader, not just because I'm the number one right now, but also I've been here four years. I feel like I've earned a little bit of a right (because of my work), the guys respect me and trust me, and being the quarterback running the show, you have to do that."

*Are you saying you're the number one right now?    *                         
(Laughing) I said I'm the #1B right now. With Drew (Brees)…I obviously know my role on this team, and right now it's to prepare like the starter and take the number 1 snaps. This is Drew' team, I'm just here to fill in and get ready & prepare like a starter like I have since 2009, when I started here."

Do the expectations change for yourself as the starter?
"My expectations have always been since, I stepped foot in the league, to work hard every single day to become a starter. I'm just receiving an opportunity right now to show what I have, to go out there, get completions, move the ball, run the offense, run the team, and I think it's worked pretty well."

Has the defense tried to tackle you?
"(Laughing) I think so, but you'd have to ask the defense on that."

How hard is it with just yourself and Sean Canfield throwing the balls?
"It's a lot of footballs to throw, but this is what you hope for. For the first four years of the league, you're actually getting a shot, actually going out there proving, going against the one defense with the one offense, proving what you have, not only throwing the ball well, but leading it. We put so much stuff on our quarterback, but I feel I'm doing a excellent job handling protection, getting people lined up. Everything we do on offense I feel we do a good job."

The receivers today said they liked the post-practice work with you that Drew Brees usually does?
"Yeah, it was good. That's something, we don't want to run these receivers in the ground too much at the start of these OTA's. We have three or four more weeks, plus minicamp. They were good out there, and we got some extra drills in today."

*How strange is it that you're working to be the starter, but that you're not going to be once Drew Brees returns?     *     
"I think I'm working every single day to be a starter, whether it's here or another team. That's my goal. It's definitely strange, but I don't think of it that way. I think of it as right now I'm number one, I'm the starter right now. But in the back of my mind it's Drew first and foremost. He's one of my best friends. I know how tough it is not to be here. We talk every single day after practice, just say: what did we go over today, what are you doing different, how are you preparing. Stuff like that. It's good to have him in my ear."

Did you think and do you think about pursing a spot a starting spot this year or next with another team?
"Yeah, I think this year we definitely took all our options into consideration. My agent and I felt it was right, right now, to have one more year, under Drew, and under the leadership we have here."

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