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Dallas Cowboys Coach Jason Garrett talks about loss to Saints

Dallas drops to 5-5 after 49-17 loss

On Saints offense:

"You have to give New Orleans credit. They did a great job in all phases of the game, certainly on offense. They were able to move the ball both by running it and throwing it. It is well documented that we have a lot of different guys playing for us (on defense). We understand that, but we didn't get the job done and they (the Saints) did."

On what Saints did to limit Dez Bryant:

"Dez gets a lot of attention every week. As you guys know, we talk about that a lot. Teams will come out and they will double him a lot of different ways. They (Saints) did that. They did that in all of our different formations and all of our different personnel moves that we were using. He is one of those guys that they want to take out of the game. (Jason) Witten is another guy that they wanted to give a lot of attention to (tonight). We didn't do a good enough job just finding the other guys and making them pay with the other guys who were getting isolated. We weren't able to drive the ball the way that we wanted to and we didn't do a very good job on third down to sustain drives. That was a big part of this ball game."

On if he will reassess the team at this point:

"You always want to do that with a bye. (It allows you to) spend that time to step back and look at what we have done over the first ten weeks of the season. You do those evaluations weekly, but you are also game planning and getting ready for the next opponent. We have a chance to sit back and assess what we are doing on offense, defense, and the kicking game, and who we are doing it with, and how we are doing it, and how we can do it better."

On the defense's struggles:

"There were just very few plays that we stopped. They (Saints) were able to do a lot of different things. They ran the ball when they wanted to run it. I thought that Drew Brees did a fantastic job reading coverages and finding the right guy. They made a lot of little plays in the game. They made big plays in the game. They were very good on third downs to sustain drives. They were able to do what they wanted to do in the passing game and the running game too consistently throughout this game."

On lack of rhythm offensively:

"We didn't have great rhythm on offense in general. I thought that we ran the ball pretty well early with DeMarco (Murray). The biggest thing is when you don't convert those third downs you are not going to get into much of a rhythm. I thought that we had some manageable third downs that we didn't convert. We had some longer distance third downs that are more challenging. If you are not converting those third downs and staying in drives, it is hard to get a little rhythm going."


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