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Curtis Lofton: "We have to start games faster"

Quotes and audio from Curtis Lofton's conference call on Monday

New Orleans Saints Linebacker Curtis Lofton
Conference Call with Local Media
Monday, December 16, 2013

Now that you are moving past yesterday, what is the message coming out of today?

"I would say that the sky has not fallen.  We know we have a good team.  We just have to go out and execute.  We have to play better on the road.  We have to get rid of that stigma that we can't play on the road because right now we are proving everybody right.  We just have to go back to practice, do the little things right, just keep focusing on the process and the results will come."

Is there anything you can do in changing your approach to playing on the road?

"I think that when you are playing on the road you have to be focused and you have to have energy from the play one.  You can't play catch up football and I feel like that is what we have been doing on the road.  We have to come out and start fast, not only start fast, but we have to finish strong.  We have to do that against Carolina."

Are you surprised that you didn't start fast yesterday?

"I think that everyone knew that (it was a significant game).  The game was very important.  It is just disappointing as a team that we had a chance to clinch a playoff spot which is rare, but at the same time we still control our own destiny.  We have Carolina and Tampa Bay left so, like I said, we control our own destiny so we have to go out there and handle business."
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With the troubles you all have had on the road, what kind of situation does this put you guys in with playing Carolina on the road this week?

"I don't think we are in any predicament.  I think, like I said, we control our own destiny.  It doesn't matter where we play.  We still have to go out.  They still have to play us.  We still have to play them.  So when it comes down to it, it is going to come down to the team that executes and who goes out and plays good football.  We have to go out, execute, and play good football. It is not a grave predicament; we are not putting any more pressure on ourselves.  It is a huge game and it is a huge game for us because it is the next game and it is a divisional opponent."

Did you guys watch the tape yet today?

"No we are doing that a little later on.  We always (watch) it individually (first) and then we watch it as a group."

Did you get the impression that there were more missed tackles than you have had?

"I think the missed tackles that stood out led to touchdowns and big plays.  That is uncharacteristic for us as a group, so we have to get it fixed.  We have to get it corrected and how you do that is through practice.  You practice good tackling and it will show up on Sunday for you."

What was the plane ride like coming back?

"I think that it was quiet.  Some guys were talking, but we don't point fingers in this locker room.  It is all about the process and how can we do better and how can I get better.  I think that is what guys were talking about to each other.  Today we were talking about that.  We don't point fingers.  We just have to get this job done.  We have to get hot and we have to play better football.  Once we meet with the coaches and see the film as a group, we will hold each other accountable."

What is a teammates perspective on what Charles Brown needs and how you guys need to deal with that situation?

"I think that in a circumstance it is tough to see a teammate go through that because all of us put in a lot of work to own our craft.  To see one our teammates not go out and play the way he can play and should play you feel bad for him and it is frustrating because we depend on each other.  Charles should bounce back.  He has played well for us all year.  I am not saying you cut tape from one game from a guy and say he played bad.  He knows he has to play better and we know he has to play better.  I feel like he will play better and he will do a better job."

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