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Curtis Lofton Says New Orleans Saints Defense Will Continue to Improve

Curtis Lofton stresses defense is focused on improving in all areas


New Orleans Saints Linebacker Curtis Lofton
Media Availability
Wednesday, September 19, 2012

After the first two weeks, are you guys putting emphasis on putting pressure on the quarterback?
"We put an emphasis on everything. It's not one group like the d line against the quarterback. Linebackers, safeties, corners, we're all in this together and we all have to improve."

Are two sacks by the front seven in the first two weeks, something Steve Spagnuolo has talked about with the defense?
"Yes, we can't have quarterbacks just sitting back there, so it's going to be all of us together putting pressure on the quarterback, whether it's the front four or on blitzes."

Is it better for you guys this week in that you face a more traditional quarterback?

"You have a more conventional offense now, so we can start playing more of our defense without worrying as much about the quarterback running, although (Matt) Cassel is athletic and he can run. So, it's going to be exciting to go out there and play against a conventional offense."

Do you expect them to put in some read options?
"It wouldn't surprise me after the past couple weeks, it wouldn't surprise me if they do some of that. But we're prepared and we have to go out and improve."

You're new here, the team's 0-2 and Atlanta is 2-0. Do you feel regrets in your decision to sign with the Saints?
"No, when I made my decision to come here, I knew the team that we have and what we're going to be. No, the Falcons are playing great ball, I have a lot of friends (there) and I'm happy for them, but I'm still happy with my decision. I'm going to continue to get better with this team. We'll be okay."

Are you a vocal leader and do you have to become more vocal or more of a leader?
"No, I think actions speak louder than words. I feel like a lot of people are talking about doing this and doing that. I feel like for me, I'm going to go out and let my actions speak for myself."

How surprised are you that you guys are looking at 0-2?
"Around here, there's a reason I came here. This is a winning organization and losing is not what we do and so we just have to go back and get to the fundaments and continue to improve as a team. I actually saw a quote where adversity weakens the weak and strengthens the strong, so we have great strong guys in here, great character guys and we'll continue to improve and get better."

Was playing those first two quarterbacks in week one and week two like beating your head against the wall?
"I wouldn't say beating our heads against the wall. I would say more like shooting ourselves in the foot. I'm not going to let Spags (Steve Spagnuolo) take the bullet. Us as players have to go out there and execute. When we play quarterbacks like that, everybody has to be disciplined and one guy can't miss his fit or missed assignment. That's what we've been doing. Moving forward, we can't do that and we just have to improve."

Having played against Pierre Thomas and now seeing him as a teammate, how does he always get that extra yard?
"The thing about Pierre on the outside looking in is he has great balance. He probably has the best balance of any back. He runs low by his pads. That's tough. When he's low like that, you have to get low and if you don't, he's going to bounce off you and keep going."

Is there a play with Pierre as a Falcon that you remember that stands out?
"Actually, there are a few plays. I remember one in Atlanta where we ran a blitz, I came through and we hit him, but I didn't wrap him up. He spun around and ran in for a touchdown."

Do you remember when that was?
"'08 or '09."

Is it tough the way the defense has played and how Steve Spagnuolo has had to defend you guys publicly? Is it a balance of understanding what's going on without harping on what's happened? How do you block out some of the statistics and move on?

"I look at it where you have a 24-hour rule. You could have gone out and played great defense and had many turnovers and not given up any points. That was last week. This is this week. I was talking about improving as a team, improving as a defense, being consistent and that's what we are doing when we show up on Sunday."

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