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Coach Payton's Post-Practice Transcript

The Saints will practice in the afternoon on Sunday before the Player's Day off on Monday.


New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton Media Availability Transcript, 8/6/11

Opening Statement
"We signed DE Jeff Charleston and waived DE Curtis Johnson. The following players still remain on the failed physical list: RB Chris Ivory, CB Tracy Porter, and DE Greg Romeus. We passed T Charles Brown and gave him some limited work with his hamstring. The players that didn't practice were LB Ezra Butler with a hamstring injury, WR Marques Colston with a knee injury, WR Jerrod Fayson with an ankle injury, WR Adrian Arrington with an ankle injury, CB Fabian Washington had a hamstring tighten up at the end of practice, and T Mitch King (who) was out of practice with a chest injury. Being outside for the first time as a full team, we fought through it but you have to get used to these conditions a little bit better."

How is CB Patrick Robinson handling the cornerback position with Tracy Porter being out with a knee injury?
"I think he's handling it well. It's night and day from where he was a year ago with this system, and he's getting better with his balance. He's breaking on the ball really well and he's running really well."

Can you talk about DE Jeff Charleston coming back?
"Jeff was someone that we've felt has improved over the last two years. He played really well for us in the Super Bowl and last year was one of his better seasons. I like the progress he's made and we're excited to have him back."

Can you talk about what goes into a decision for a veteran player to decide what team he's going to play for?
"I think there's a lot that goes into a decision with a veteran player. Each one might look at some specific things. Sometimes it's the team or maybe it's the system, and I think a lot of players are looking for opportunities to win later in their careers."

How does the team look at this point in training camp?
"We feel we're competitive. We have a lot of work to do in this camp. From a roster standpoint, we're healthier than we've been in a long time. I think we handled the offseason and all the distractions pretty well. We're excited about the season and we realize we're only sitting here in August but we're excited about this upcoming schedule and getting ready to play."

Can you talk about the production of Darren Sproles since he's been here?
"He's picked things up quick. The first thing you realize about Darren is that he's a quick study. From a terminology standpoint there have been changes but it doesn't look like that's slowed him down any. He's quick with good acceleration and each day you can see that. He does a lot of things well in the throwing game and in the passing game and he's versatile. Those are all really good attributes and they're what we were hoping for."

Can you talk about getting C Olin Kreutz?
"Olin filled a role for us. He's a veteran center. We felt like it was going to help our team, our offensive line, and certainly Matt Tennant as well. With his experience, he's a guy that's had a great career and I think he has a lot of gas left in the tank. He's someone that plays tough, is very smart, and very durable."

How important was it to you to keep the depth at the wide receiver position?
"Sometimes we take it for granted and it's difficult to keep all of those guys, but Mickey Loomis has done a great job with that. It's an unselfish group and they recognize that there's going to be games where their number is called more based on the coverage and based on the looks they're getting. They understand their quarterback is going to work hard to get them the ball. Those guys work hard and they're healthy right now. Marques Colston is backing off his reps right now, but I think he'll practice tomorrow. It's something you don't take for granted though and that continuity helps."

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