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Carmichael Says WRs are Continuing to Work on Preventing Drops


New Orleans Saints Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael
Post-Practice Media Availability
Friday, December 14, 2012

Are you seeing more different things this year from defenses in how they try to cover Jimmy Graham as opposed to last year?
"I would say that he is getting some more of, I believe, as he is coming off his release from interior part of the offense line, he's getting a lot of double teams where the defensive end will spend time nudging him before there is a linebacker or safety waiting there to cover him. His access into the route is not as clean as it has been in the past. We can help him out, opening him up, getting him in different locations and trying to get him some free access. At times, they're going to worry about him releasing with a defensive end, that slows their rush down as well."

How do you handle all of the dropped passes?
"We've had more than our share this year and it's just something that we have to go out every practice and we have to continue to emphasize. Drew (Brees) is going to be throwing to them right now as we speak. He's out there working with them. These guys are working on it and for some reason we've just had more than usual this year."

What do you tell a guy when they drop a pass and they're usually catching everything?
"We just have to get on to the next play and forget about it. They're probably the ones that are most disappointed about it. They have to forget about (it) and get to the next play so it's not happening again."

Do you ever have to tell Drew Brees to keep banging away at a guy, he's going to make a catch or do you not have to say that?
"It doesn't even need to be said. He has trust and confidence in those guys."

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