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Caldwell, Painter Preview Primetime Saints Showdown

Colts HC and QB spoke with the New Orleans media on Wednesday


Indianapolis Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell
Conference Call With New Orleans Media
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Any team is going to have trouble dealing with a losing streak. Most of the guys in your locker room certainly haven't. How is the morale and is this tough to deal with?
"Yes, we have a lot of guys with a lot of pride and we've had great tradition here. Obviously this is not a comfortable situation and it should not be. The guys are hanging in there, focused and we just have to keep getting better."

What are your thoughts on the job Curtis Painter has done?
"He's making progress. Every week he does some things a little better. He's getting a good sense of the system. He's been able to make some plays for us. I anticipate that as for one of the few times in his career here, he's been able to take all the reps to prepare for a ballgame. I think you'll see that learning curve continue to climb."

Does it help to have guys like Reggie Wayne and Pierre Garcon who have experience and aptitude for catching the ball?
"There's no question about that. One thing is that a best friend for you (young quarterback) is a running game and the second best is obviously some receivers who can take short passes and turn them into long gains, guys that have been in the system and understand like Reggie, obviously Pierre and Dallas Clark, so many guys that have been around here a while. It certainly helps them a lot."

How has Joseph Addai done?
"Yes, Joseph has been making progress. We was out last week. He's making progress and we're hopeful. He's coming along and we'll see how he goes. He won't practice today. We'll see what happens tomorrow."

How have things changed in this being the first rematch from the Super Bowl?
"There are a lot of guys on this team that weren't here, so obviously every season is a little bit different. That was a little ways back. We have a lot of competitors here. There are a bunch of competitors down there. It's obviously going to be a great game. Its' a night, nationally televised. I think there are a lot of things we're looking forward to. I don't think anyone's expressing anything about a rematch. Its' a new year, new season. There's a lot of water under the bridge. In terms of the challenge they represent, they're a great team. Drew Brees is having a great year throwing the ball. Obviously they have some weapons to get it to. (Jimmy) Graham's doing a great job, (Darren) Sproles is doing a nice job. The rest of their cast are doing a great job. The offensive line and defense give you all kinds of problems and the special teams unit is very good. You have your hands full."

Does matching wits with the coaching staff enter into your mind at all since there hasn't been much change on either side since the Super Bowl?
"What's in my mind is getting our team ready to play against a very talented team. Coach Payton does a great job of getting his team ready. Obviously we're going to do likewise."

Did Tampa do anything significantly different against the Saints last week from your vantage point?
"No, I just think that Tampa's a good team. Obviously we struggled with them, but they can do some things very, very well. They rush the passer well, put pressure on you, they obviously run the ball well and they have a good, solid kicking game. Overall they don't make a lot of mistakes and they capitalize on the mistakes that you make. I just saw two teams battle. That's the way it is in this league. It's anybody's game. That's how we've been for the last five weeks in the thick of it and not able to make a play down the stretch what it usually comes down to, you have the ball and you're driving down the field to try to get a score to tie it or win it and the opposition has the ball and obviously trying to basically do the same thing or sustain a lead. Those games are always tight. I didn't see anything any differently in the Saints and Buccaneers game over the weekend."

Will you stand on a different place on the field after watching Sean Payton go down over the weekend?
"I'll do what I normally do. You have to certainly be aware down on that sideline. I worked for Joe Paterno at Penn State for a number of years, for eight years and have seen what's happened to him on the sideline. It's not something that's unheard of. There are a lot of guys flying around on that field, a lot of bodies flying. You're just fortunate by the grace of god that I haven't sustained a significant injury. I've been run over before though on the sideline."

Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Curtis Painter
Conference Call With New Orleans Media
Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How do you feel after getting a couple of starts?  Do you feel like you're growing rapidly?
"I think so. Anytime you get quality game experience, it will help you be more comfortable with the system, be more comfortable with the guys around you, and in result a little more confident. There's no question the game time experience is helping a ton."

How did Reggie Wayne's comments about his confidence in you make you feel?
"I think it shows the confidence of some of those guys. It does help a little bit going in maybe knowing that there's that confidence. I think that just getting in there and getting comfortable, that's what in turn helps get the most confidence. Working in practice with the guys, throwing routes, and just getting that familiarity with them adds to it. To have the guys around you to support you means a lot."

Does it help to have Pierre Garcon and Reggie Wayne as your receivers?
"They're not a bad group of receivers to have out there in your corner. They've done a great job. Reggie's done a tremendous job as long as he's been here. Pierre's stepping up and doing a good job this year. Those guys are doing a heck of a job."

Being on a team that's had so much recent success, is it tough to go through a stretch of losses like this?
"It certainly isn't easy. We're disappointed with where we're at, but we're certainly not discouraged. We have a lot of veteran leaders on this team. A lot of the guys in the locker room haven't maybe been to this point in their football career, but with the guys we have leading, they're doing a great job of not letting anybody give up. We're still fighting and we're still scratching and hoping for that win. I think although we're obviously upset with the outcomes so far, we're still very positive in the sense that we're not going to give up."

Do you think this is going to be a determined Saints team coming off that loss to Tampa?
"Each week, no matter if you're 0-6 or if you're coming off a loss like they did or even if you're coming off a win, you want to do everything you can to get the win. They're going to come out and do everything they can to get that. We'll certainly try to be prepared and do the same."

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