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Caesars Superdome transformations update | Envision the Future: Part 4

Series looks at the Caesars Superdome renovations that New Orleans Saints fans can expect in 2024

Get a look at the new signage at the Caesars Superdome ahead of the Saints' Week 8 game against the Buccaneers.
Get a look at the new signage at the Caesars Superdome ahead of the Saints' Week 8 game against the Buccaneers.

The New Orleans Saints are pleased to unveil the latest updates to the Envision the Future transformation of the Caesars Superdome. The five-year project is a collaborative effort between the Louisiana Stadium & Exposition District (LSED), the New Orleans Saints and the State of Louisiana, and the project continues to near its 2024 scheduled completion date. As the 2024 finish line rapidly approaches, this colossal project progresses with a team of architects, contractors, designers, and construction workers working around-the-clock to transform the fan experience and functionality of one of the most iconic venues in the world. Saints season ticket holders and their guests will be the first to experience the remarkable evolution of Caesars Superdome, while the building's global unveil will be completed in advance of the 2025 Super Bowl in New Orleans, which will also mark the stadium's 50th anniversary.



40,000 square feet of ramps were removed on the east sideline during the last phase in 2022, and the benefits of that work will be felt for the upcoming 2023 football season. Wider concourses on all levels are even more impactful on the 100 and 500 Levels. On the 500 Level east sideline fans will enjoy a large signature bar in the middle of the concourse Gate C, and still additional room for 2 concession markets behind it. The escalators from the 400 to the 650 levels have been removed in the middle of the building, on the east sideline, and replaced with concrete providing the new floor space for such amenities. When this renovation is complete prior to the 2024 season, fans will get to their 500 level seats and above via the escalator systems in the respective quads, northeast, southeast, and northwest. There will also be two new large built-in-bars on opposite ends of the east sideline's 500 Level. The same work that created this new space for the east sideline this football season is happening on the Gate G, west sideline and that space will be ready for the 2024 Saints football season.



The coveted space in the 450 Level End Zone Valleys have been reimagined to create wider concourses to improve the flow of people on gameday. By removing the long concrete ramps along the wall in the Gate-A 450 End Zone Valley (Poydras St.) once again, gains valuable space in that area for additional concessions and new bathrooms. This football season the fans at Gate-A 450 Level nearest Poydras Street will see the renovated End Zone Valley and next season, 2024, fans at Gate E, nearest The Smoothie King Center will enjoy the remodeled 450 End Zone Valley.



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We want to take this opportunity to update you on the extensive renovations and upgrades taking place at Caesars Superdome. These updates will enhance game day experiences and reposition the iconic building as one of the most up-to-date facilities in North America to witness NFL football, live sporting events, world-class live entertainment and other special events. The Caesars Superdome is a proven economic engine for the state of Louisiana, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The New Orleans Saints' commitment to Louisiana and the team's financial commitments to renovate the Caesars Superdome strengthened a robust partnership with the LSED and the State of Louisiana, thus paving the way to "Envision the Future."

WHY: After studying the feasibility and costs associated with building a stadium on the same downtown site, the major stakeholders determined that renovating the Caesars Superdome was the most efficient use of public and private dollars. The fan amenity- driven modernization of the 49-year-old building will preserve an iconic state asset and allow it to remain competitive and useful for decades to come at a fraction of the cost of a new stadium.

WHAT: This is a five-year project. Construction has occurred in five phases around the Saints' season and other marquee events. This project has also dealt with the extraordinary challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to work interruptions and ever-changing federal, state and local regulations.

NEW AND IMPROVED: The renovations of the interior footprint and modern vertical transportation will enhance traffic flow throughout the various concourse levels. These changes create more direct access for guests, easily providing rapid transportation throughout the building. The removal of the interior ramps on the east and west sidelines allows for expanded entry areas, giving the Caesars Superdome a more open, airy feeling. The expanded concourses will also create room to develop new and improved food and beverage services. Upgrades will be made to the current clubs and suites while adding viewing experiences found in newer stadiums. Additionally, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) patrons will have new seating opportunities, and the overall game day and event experience will be amplified for the visitor.

Architecture services are being provided by Trahan Architects. Founded by Trey Trahan, FAIA, Trahan Architects is a global firm rooted in New Orleans and founded on the belief that the mindful design of everyday spaces can elevate human experience and promote peaceful co-existence. Contractor services are being provided by Broadmoor LLC., a private, family-owned, heavy civil contractor company based in New Orleans.

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