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Caesars Superdome transformations update | Envision the Future: Part 1

Series look at the Caesars Superdome renovations that New Orleans Saints fans can expect in 2024

Get a look at the new signage at the Caesars Superdome ahead of the Saints' Week 8 game against the Buccaneers.
Get a look at the new signage at the Caesars Superdome ahead of the Saints' Week 8 game against the Buccaneers.

The New Orleans Saints are pleased to unveil the latest updates to the Envision the Future transformation of the Caesars Superdome. The five-year project is a collaborative effort between the Louisiana Stadium & Exposition District (LSED), the New Orleans Saints and the State of Louisiana, and the project continues to near its 2024 scheduled completion date. As the 2024 finish line rapidly approaches, this colossal project progresses with a team of architects, contractors, designers, and construction workers working around-the-clock to transform the fan experience and functionality of one of the most iconic venues in the world. Saints season ticket holders and their guests will be the first to experience the remarkable evolution of Caesars Superdome, while the building's global unveil will be completed in advance of the 2025 Super Bowl in New Orleans, which will also mark the stadium's 50th anniversary.

The Saints will embark on a series of multichannel communication leading to the beginning the team's season in an effort to educate guests of Caesars Superdome. Our goal is to provide easy-to-follow segments that will serve primarily as educational, allowing guests to better understand and visualize the remarkable physical updates throughout the Caesars Superdome, but to ultimately understand how this transformation will revolutionize the experience for every guest.

The Saints look forward to further educating and informing people on:

  • A Look Forward
  • A Look Back
  • The Introduction of the Atriums & Escalators
  • 200 Level & Elevators-Added Vertical Transportation
  • Standing Room Only Decks (SROs)
  • The 100 and 500 Levels (East & West Sidelines)
  • Food & Beverage
  • The Fan Relocation Process including new Grab 'N Go markets and Point of Sale system
  • New Club Rooms & Premium Areas
  • Lagniappe
  • Renovated 450 End Zones
  • New Team Stores at Gate A and NW Atrium
  • Improved ADA accommodations
  • New state of the art WiFi and DAS systems - complete for 2024 season
  • LED Ribbon Boards (In place)
  • North End Zone Field Level Suites and North End Zone Club (In place)
  • Expanded 300 Level Sideline Suites
  • Expanded Concourses
  • Dedicated VIP Entrances

The current Envision the Future project is the third major renovation of the stadium since Hurricane Katrina seriously damaged the venue in 2005. Since then, the building has undergone several smaller upgrades, but nothing of this magnitude.

The intent is to preserve the character of the building's iconic exterior while elevating its overall functionality and the experience for all of our guests. These modernizations are bringing this facility in line with stadiums being built across the world, thus keeping the Saints as an ideal venue for National Football League's Super Bowl, in addition to numerous national and international events for decades to come. Equally as important, the Caesars Superdome shall continue to serve as a source of great civic pride and a significant source for economic stimulus for the city of New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.

Once completed, widen concourses, some almost twice as wide, express escalators and restrooms and enhanced food and beverage services, will elevate the experience and speed of service for guests throughout the venue. However, the ongoing construction will create some temporary inconveniences for the upcoming Saints season for fans sitting on the stadium's West side. Construction work will create narrower concourses in a handful of areas and eliminate some restrooms and concessions. The same issues occurred last season on the stadium's east side, with fans quickly learning how to rely on modern technologies and experiences in navigating their quickest paths to and from their seats.

The use of the exterior perimeters was met with positive reviews last football season and the process will be replicated this summer and fall in an effort designed to create less friction for all fans.

Fans are strongly encouraged to allow a little extra time to circumnavigate the stadium on the outside apron rather than the interior concourses. We welcome our guests at the Caesars Superdome to explore and experience some of the new amenities throughout the building.



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When completed prior to the 2024 football season, the Caesars Superdome project, taking place in the heart of New Orleans' Central Business District, will update the iconic multi-use building to ultra-modern standards shared by new stadiums around the world. This project is also extending the Caesars Superdome's lifespan for decades, serving as the linchpin to a 30-year lease extension for the Saints.

Most important, this project will vastly improve the gameday experience for everyone who uses the building for the scores of events it hosts, ranging from bowl games, College Football Playoff Championship Games, popular local events such as the Bayou Classic and Louisiana State High School Football Championships, Essence Festival and other headline concerts and conventions.

Regardless of the reason to gather, Caesars Superdome guests will enjoy a transformative experience once they step inside and make their way to their seats. Wider concourses will make it significantly easier to travel around the plaza, loge and terrace levels. There also will be increased and enhanced food and concession services available, headlined by a pair of 40-yard-long bars that will dominate the 100 level from 30-yard line to 30-yard line on the east and west sideline. Another one of the marquee features will be the open-air atriums that soar from the floor to the ceiling in three of the four corners of the stadium.

The four-phase project is being funded by the Louisiana Stadium and Exposition District along with significant funding from the Saints and the State. Construction work began in 2020 and continues to be implemented around the Saints' schedule so the team can continue to play home games in Caesars Superdome.

The east (Visitors sideline) which saw the bulk of the construction last football season will be completed during this phase and be ready for fans this 2023 football season. At the same time, workers are removing 40,000 square feet of ramps on the west (Saints sideline) in preparation to create the same amenities for the west next off season in 2024 that the east sideline fans will enjoy this season.


Walking into Caesars Superdome on Monday, Jan 9, 2023 just hours after the Saints season ended, the west exterior concourse was layered with door frames. Those "frames" were the drywall brackets that served as anchors for the temporary walls that framed the concourses throughout the 2022 season, which allowed work for Envision the Future to continue. The temporary walls quickly came down in multiple areas and new steel beams began flowing into Caesars Superdome.

The latest phase "began" primarily on the east sideline, with demolition work commencing on the 100-plaza level all the way to the 650 levels. 40,000 square feet of ramps had been removed on the east side Gate C, and so, this year the build back is creating a new experience for fans on the east sideline. At the same time this offseason, workers have been removing 40,000 square feet of ramps on the west side to open the space needed for the same amenities created on the east sideline. The 100 Plaza on the East side has been widened and new fan facing amenities have been added. The Caesars Legends Sideline Club now begins on the 200 Level East side. The concourse on the 200 east sideline loges has been updated and the east 200 level concourse is also considered to be inside the sideline Legends club. There are tunnels or hallways at each end of the concourse allowing patrons to flow freely between concessions and restrooms on the concourse and field side back to the sideline club that sits along the building's exterior wall. The Caesars Legends Sideline Club will provide guests with a much wider footprint to enjoy, a common theme that will be touched on throughout this series.

The East Sideline 300 level suites were also gutted during this phase, with the redesigned space taking full advantage of the added space by housing newer and much longer suite accommodations (think of it as a modern adaptation on a New Orleans shotgun Caesars Superdome style!). The 300 level suites on the East side have practically doubled in length, with the same exact thing happening to the West sideline suites in 2024. Without the ramps on the east side, there is also much more room on the 300 level for new restrooms and pantries for hot and cold food preparation.

Meanwhile, after taking down the temporary walls at Gate C, elevator shafts were created and many will be ready to whisk guests directly to and from the club and suite levels in rapid fashion, beginning with this season.

With the temporary walls gone on the 400-suite level, the new escalators and atriums in the corners have come into full view. The new atriums (which will serve as an entire segment unto itself in the coming days), will maximize on quite a bit of previously unused space. The new, finished looks of the atriums on the corners of the Caesars Superdome are brighter and project the feeling of spaciousness. 

In the upper corners of Caesars Superdome, work is nearing completion on the standing room only decks or "SROs," on the 650 levels in the northeast and northwest corners. The new standing room only decks, in each quad and the new escalators from the 500 level to the 650 levels are set to be ready for the upcoming season. The end zone valley on 450 level at Gate A is also getting a complete makeover with steps replacing the ramps along with new concessions and restrooms. Thus, the East side will have the new amenities in place this season (August completion). The ramps on the west side will be gone by the start of this season, and the temporary walls will be in the place there allowing work to continue the west sideline during the season when feasible.

The west sideline is not without some new items to celebrated 2023 as the northwest atrium at Gate H will be complete and ready for the upcoming football season.

In addition, the southeast quad at Gate D is getting the same renovation and atriums now constructed in the northeast and northwest quads. Tom Benson's corner, a replica of the office of the late Saints Owner Tom Benson, with all of its artifacts safely stored has been removed. The 200-level Iberville Club above it also gone, and the Stadium Club on the 300 level has also been removed to make room for the third atrium in the southeast quad to be ready for the 2024 season.



The most notable visual changes for the upcoming season and beyond will be the addition of new atrium lobbies on the 100 Level in both the Northeast Quad (Gate B) and Northwest Quad (Gate H), the two corners closest to Poydras Street. Rather than the entry gates being simply a pass-through to the 100 level Plaza, these massive entrance lobbies with food and beverage amenities and a Saints Team Store (NW) will become meeting spots for fans before and during the game. A third atrium in the Southeast Quad (Gate D) will be ready for the 2024 season and will be protected by a temporary wall for the 2023 season.

An escalator will carry patrons from the 100 to the 200 level in the Northeast and Northwest Quads where on the 200 Levels they will have yet more food and beverage amenities to choose from. It is here fans will take a 120-foot escalator from the 200 Level directly to their seats on the 500 level and above. On the 500 Level there will be yet another escalator that will carry fans to the 650 level to their seats and the SRO decks. These atrium spaces beginning at the 100 Level lobby areas will give Caesars Superdome a more open and airy feeling for fans they've never enjoyed before.


An insider's look provides insight into the unique characteristics of the re-designed atriums. Massive panels of extruded aluminum tubing become what's known as the "atrium skins."

The champagne gold tubing creates the panels and are custom-made pieces of anodized aluminum. The architect for the renovation, Trahan Architects wanted the panels' color to mimic the Caesars Superdome's timeless exterior, designed by Curtis and Davis, the original architectural firm of Caesars Superdome.

The atrium skins rising inside Caesars Superdome are not straight lines, but rather geometric curves that narrow vertically from the 200 level to where the escalators reach the 500 level. The East Sideline Legends Club will also have two atriums inside that will give the large open space some spatial definition. The two atriums in the east sideline Legends Club will only go as high as the 400-level ceiling, and a uniquely designed piece of fabric and special LED lighting above that will give the appearance of a skylight. This same system will be used in the atrium entrance lobbies as well. The Southeast Atrium and the West Sideline Club coming in 2024 will have the exact same atrium skins and artificial skylights.


New to Caesars Superdome this season in both corners closest to Poydras Street (NE and NW) will be new escalator systems carrying guest from the 100 level to the 650 level. Traveling from the 100 Level on the Plaza up to the 650 Level near the top of the building will require just three escalators. The impressive system was designed to get fans into their seats as soon as possible and as close to the new amenities at the same time. One escalator will whisk fans from the 100 to the 200 level, then a 120-foot escalator will take fans from 200 to 500 levels. The third and final escalator in each quad, will carry fans from the 500 level to the 650 level, where the SRO Decks are positioned.

There will also be new elevators in place at the two middle gates on the East and West (2024) side of the building. The elevators at Gate C, which will be ready during the upcoming 2023 football season. And when completed will take fans down to the east sideline Bunker Club on the ground level, to the 200 level Legends East Sideline Club, and the 300 and 400 suite levels.



We want to take this opportunity to update you on the extensive renovations and upgrades taking place at Caesars Superdome. These updates will enhance game day experiences and reposition the iconic building as one of the most up-to-date facilities in North America to witness NFL football, live sporting events, world-class live entertainment and other special events. The Caesars Superdome is a proven economic engine for the state of Louisiana, delivering hundreds of millions of dollars every year. The New Orleans Saints' commitment to Louisiana and the team's financial commitments to renovate the Caesars Superdome strengthened a robust partnership with the LSED and the State of Louisiana, thus paving the way to "Envision the Future."

WHY: After studying the feasibility and costs associated with building a stadium on the same downtown site, the major stakeholders determined that renovating the Caesars Superdome was the most efficient use of public and private dollars. The fan amenity- driven modernization of the 49-year-old building will preserve an iconic state asset and allow it to remain competitive and useful for decades to come at a fraction of the cost of a new stadium.

WHAT: This is a five-year project. Construction has occurred in five phases around the Saints' season and other marquee events. This project has also dealt with the extraordinary challenges created by the Covid-19 pandemic, leading to work interruptions and ever-changing federal, state and local regulations.

NEW AND IMPROVED: The renovations of the interior footprint and modern vertical transportation will enhance traffic flow throughout the various concourse levels. These changes create more direct access for guests, easily providing rapid transportation throughout the building. The removal of the interior ramps allows for expanded entry areas, giving the Caesars Superdome a more open, airy feeling. The expanded concourses will also create room to develop new and improved food and beverage services. Upgrades will be made to the current clubs and suites while adding viewing experiences found in newer stadiums. Additionally, ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) patrons will have new seating opportunities, and the overall game day and event experience will be amplified for the visitor.

Architecture services are being provided by Trahan Architects. Founded by Trey Trahan, FAIA, Trahan Architects is a global firm rooted in New Orleans and founded on the belief that the mindful design of everyday spaces can elevate human experience and promote peaceful co-existence. Contractor services are being provided by Broadmoor LLC., a private, family-owned, heavy civil contractor company based in New Orleans.

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