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C.J. Spiller on what matters: 'Getting to the playoffs and trying and win a Super Bowl'

Transcript of conference call with New Orleans media

New Orleans Saints Running Back C.J. Spiller

Conference Call with Local Media

Friday, March 13, 2015

Opening Statement:"This is an exciting time for everyone that was involved.  I am just looking forward to getting to know everyone. First off I want to thank Mr. Benson, Mickey Loomis, and Coach Payton for believing in me and giving me another opportunity to further my career as a New Orleans Saint.  I am looking forward to getting to know my new teammates and also the community.  Other than that, you guys can ask some questions."

How many teams did you talk to before deciding on the Saints?

"I personally didn't talk to anyone, my agent was in contact probably with all the teams that were reported.  There was a lot of interest out there but different things happen. After going on my visit to New Orleans yesterday I felt very comfortable with everything and we were able to get something done.  I am excited about that."

Is it fair to mention your name in the same mold and style of players such as Reggie Bush and Darren Sproles?

"I've been following this offense very closely. We tried to do some similar stuff at Buffalo early on in my career.  The way that they use their running backs in general is very intriguing. If you were in my position, you would be a fool not to visit or at least see how they could utilize your skillset, especially my type of skillset. I am looking forward to it, whatever my role may be.  Anything that I can do to try and help the offense be successful and help the team be successful that is what you have to do.  You have to put your ego aside because at the end of the day there's only one thing that matters and that's getting to the playoffs and trying and win a Super Bowl."

Can you talk about maybe not being the featured back now that Mark Ingram re-signed with the Saints?

"Obviously, I talked to Mark (Ingram) earlier today. I am very happy for him to have the chance to remain a Saint.  I am excited about the chance to play alongside with him. We shared the same college coach with Coach Burt Burns.  He was with me while I was at Clemson and, obviously, he went to Alabama. I kind of know how he has been coached and kind of have an idea of how his mentality is.  He is excited about the opportunity but to you answer your question, I have kind of always been in a two back system probably since I started college.  Whatever that role may be that is what I have to be willing to accept.  You take advantage of your opportunities.  That is the type of guy I've always been.  I've always been the guy that takes advantage of every opportunity that is presented to you.  The more they let you do the better."

Did the fact that the Saints made a lot of moves this week have anything to do with your decision one way or the other?

"No it didn't, it didn't play in any role. I had to do what was best for me and I had to come to an agreement that I felt comfortable with and not who was on the roster. Obviously, losing great players like that it does hurt, but it also gives another opportunity to someone else to step up. We have to look forward to that challenge. As an offense that is what we are going to look forward to."

Did you talk to Jairus Byrd during all of this?

"Yes, I am actually out here training with Jairus Byrd right now in California. We have been together about a week now. He is super excited about the opportunity to getting to play again.  Obviously, we played three years together in Buffalo so he is pretty much like family to me.  We were able to get a great relationship while we were in Buffalo, now we get a chance to keep that relationship going.  We both have the same mindset and that's all about trying to get wins and getting the organization back into the playoffs.  We are both excited about the opportunity to play with each other again."

How would you describe your satisfaction with your career up to this point?

"There is always more out there.  I have been very blessed up to this point.  Obviously you want to try to have 1,000-yard seasons back to back but that is very hard.  Then last year having the injury that kind of hurt but made me a better person.  It put some things in perspective for me.  It made me more mentally tough than I thought I was, but now I am back 100 percent and feel great.  Like I said, my best years are yet to come.  That is one of the things that I always try to realize, that the best is always yet to come, but at the same time it has been a wonderful ride these past five years and now I am looking forward to the future."

How much does the fact that you haven't been on a playoff team impact the organization you want to be with?

"It does, you can ask anybody that has been in the NFL would they want a chance to play in the playoffs, I am pretty sure 100 percent would say yes.  That is what you play this game for.  You do it to build relationships.  You do it to win championships.  It is so hard to do but you have to look forward to the challenge.  Obviously I haven't been able to play in the playoffs these previous five years but I am looking forward to the new challenge and coming to a great organization that has won a championship.  They have the mentality that it takes to win another one.  I am just trying to be a part of it.  I am excited about the opportunity and I just want to thank Mr. Benson, Coach Payton and Mickey Loomis for giving me another opportunity and believing in me throughout this whole process."

Was there any discussion about why they traded Jimmy Graham?

"That didn't even come up at all.  We didn't get into any of that stuff.  It wasn't even on my mind when I was on my visit.  The process was new to me so I wanted to try and soak up as much knowledge as I could and get a feel for anything so everything else I kind of blocked that out.  Like I said, I felt comfortable after I left and here I am now, a New Orleans Saint."

What are you going to do with your winter jacket?

"I'll probably give to someone else. I have to go back to Buffalo to get all of my stuff so I'll probably give it to one of the other running backs or give it to Goodwill because obviously I won't need that down in New Orleans."

When will you be in New Orleans starting to work out?

"I haven't gotten anything regarding the offseason schedule yet, it's still early in the process, trying to work on whenever I can come in and sign the deal and whatever the case may be, but as soon I get down the dates I'll have a better feel for when for I'll be that way because obviously I have to make that transition. So many things go into going to a new place, trying to find a new spot to live and doing all of those necessary things that some people don't even think about that have to go into it. I'm looking forward to it, as soon as I can get there, I'm there. I still have some stuff I have to clear up on my end as far as making the transition."

What is it going to be like to be on a team with a quarterback like Drew Brees?

"It's going to be great. He's a Pro Bowler, he's a great quarterback. He's going to challenge you and that's something that I love, being challenge. He's going to make sure you're in the right position to be successful. It's going to be awesome. I'm looking forward to it, seeing how he operates and how he practices. You kind of look at those guys from afar, the numbers that they put up on TV, but now I get to see first-hand how he goes about his business being a professional. I've been fortunate to have been around a bunch of great guys but now I have the chance to be around one of the best in the business, seeing how he prepares and things that I can just try to take and try to add to my game. I'm looking forward to that."

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