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Bucs Coach Greg Schiano, players talk about Sunday's loss to Saints

Tampa's coach met with the press following 42-17 loss

Tampa Bay Coach Greg Schiano:

"Obviously, I'm disappointed. It's the last game of the season. It's something that we have been pretty good at this year, playing pass defense, we didn't do very well today. My hat is off to New Orleans. They did an excellent job. They had an excellent plan. They executed it very well. Offensively, I was actually pleased with our first half performance. I thought that Mike (Glennon) played well. The second half of the game kind of changed a little bit. They out played us and they out-coached us. They won the game. I'll turn my attention to getting this team back to Tampa and doing our stuff tomorrow, our exit things, and get working."

On the defense giving up big plays:

"As I said, New Orleans had a good plan. They executed it well. We made a few mistakes. When you combine those two faculties, (that happens). It's not too bad against a guy like Drew (Brees) if you bleed him out. When he does quick strikes and we give up six passes of 20-something yards or more, that is just not how we play. That is not how we have played."

On the fake field goal late in the first half:

"We really had not been doing a great job stopping them, so I thought it was going to take touchdowns not field goals (to win). In retrospect, I probably would like to have it back. I thought that we would have an opportunity to stun them. I knew that they would not have a timeout to call. Our concern was that if we came out in that exotic formation that they would call timeout. They had no timeouts, so I thought that we could maybe get them off guard. Obviously, it didn't work. In retrospect, bad call. If it works, it's genius and you go down by a score. That was our deal. Right before we took the field, (we said) if we go down and score, it's a one score game at half and we are back in a good spot. The guys executed it nicely, and we had a little misstep there, unfortunately. Could we have gone for it? Sure…."

On whether this game could determine his future:

"I don't think about that. It doesn't matter if it was this game or last game. I think when you coach, you just put every waking moment into what you do, so it is not like, well if this is the game, then I really have to work. There is nothing else that you can do. You do the best. That is what I have done my whole career. I have said that to you guys before. That is what I did this week. I assume that the people that we have in that staff room, they do the same thing. Our players have been great. They have had a lot of adversity thrown at them. You stick together and keep fighting."

Quarterback Mike Glennon

"We were rolling real well in the first half and especially on the first drive of the second half. The first drive of the second half I think we ate up about eight and a half minutes on the clock. We were really going well and then all of a sudden we don't get a touchdown and instead settle for a field goal there."

On the season: ![]( "new orleans saints")

"It was my first one (season) so I don't know anything different. There were a lot of things that happened this season but we all stuck together as a team. It wasn't the season we wanted with our record  but it's good to see our group of guys stuck together the whole way through. There was no finger pointing, and hopefully as a unit now we will be stronger going forward because of the things we went through this season."

On Greg Schiano:

"It's been great working with him. We have a great relationship and he does a great job spending time with the quarterbacks. Even though he spends time also on the defensive side of the ball he finds time to make sure he's coaching with us and speaking with us and meeting with us and just talking about the things he wants us to do. We have great communication and it's just been great working with him and getting to know him better this year."

"What he says is right, and what he stands for – he just does things the right way. As a team he just helped all of us get through everything we went through this year. He has a great football mind and he's a great person."

Do you expect Schiano back?:

"Yes. I just have full expectations that he will be back next year."

Receiver Tiquan Underwood

"We know we get ranked with wins and losses. We know that as players. And overall we've just got to play better."

On flea flicker TD:

"Mike just gave me a chance and it was just great play calling. We nailed that play. As a receiver those are the tough ones to catch, being so wide open. But Mike threw a great pass and gave me a chance and that was that."

On season:

"This team never once pointed fingers at one another. We never sulked and felt bad for ourselves. Everyone just kept coming to work and kept grinding, and that's what it's about. We have a lot of good leadership in this locker room and it showed throughout the entire season."

Receiver Vincent Jackson

"Having some sort of continuity is the most important thing right now. As we head into the offseason, all of us need to really think about what happened this year and come back next year and be a better team."

On whether Greg Schiano will return:

"I don't make those decisions, but I can tell you I love playing for Greg. I think he's a brilliant man and a great football coach. Whatever happens to him is out of our control of course, so I can't really comment about that."

Tackle Demar Dotson

"Anytime you only win four games there's definitely going to be some type of changes, whether it's players or upstairs or downstairs, whatever – you have to expect some changes. I don't know what it's going to be, I don't have a vote. You just have to see what will go on – I just hope I'm safe."

On the Saints:

"They are electric. I mean they put up points in a second and that's what they did to us. I think we played decent in the first half, but we didn't play as good in the second half as we did in the first half. I only wish them well in the playoffs."

Cornerback Darrelle Revis

"We hurt ourselves and just shot ourselves in the foot. We had some bad communication back there in the secondary and the results was them scoring touchdowns on us. In the past against them those long plays really didn't happen. But tonight we made mistakes and they just executed. I mean Drew Brees – he's a Hall of Fame quarterback and he's a Pro Bowl guy – you just can't do that. I mean he just picks that up, he goes through all of his progressions and he will pick you apart when you make mistakes like that."

On Coach Schiano's future:

"That's not my call (about the coach). I don't make those big time management decisions. And I will just leave it at that: it's not my call."

On the 2013 season:

"I think (Schiano) did real well – especially keeping this team together. It's been a long season and a very disappointing season all across the board. I mean starting off oh and eight – and we were just trying to play catch-up. Basically that's what we were trying to do all year, playing catch-up. To be honest, when you start like we did the year is practically over. But as a team we all stuck together. We knew this was our job and we had to keep fighting as a unit and going out there and trying to win games." 

Safety Dashon Goldson

"When you play the Saints they throw a lot at you – different formations and put you in positions to make plays. And tonight we didn't do that."

On the season:

"We struggled all year and faced a lot of adversity. And we experienced that feeling week after week. So for this season things just didn't go our way. I'm not in a position to speak about that (Coach Schiano's job status) but I think he did a real good job for us. He came in here and faced a lot of criticism and a lot of people bashed him when it wasn't his fault. But he continued to coach with a smile on his face and he coached us – and that's all we can ask for."

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