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Brown's Post-Practice Media Briefing


New Orleans Saints DE Alex Brown, Post Practice Media Availability, Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What are you trying to accomplish during your time in Oxnard and what can you guys improve on from the Texans Game?

"We got a little taste of both good and bad in the first two weeks. We felt so high and good after the first week but we came out the next week and as good as we felt about (49ers game) we felt just as bad after (Texans game).

"The only good thing we can get out of that is that everybody really did feel bad. We knew we had to come out and go back to work. We have to tackle better and when things are going wrong we need to fix it. We shouldn't look for others to fix it. We, as 11 people, have to go out and fix it. We have to believe that we are going to be the ones that fix it."

Do you see signs of that happening this week?

"I think so. We will find out more (vs. the Raiders). I think we are improving. With the practices leading up to (Texans game), I wouldn't have seen us playing like that but it happened. It happened and we have to correct it and I think with the coaches we have we will."

How different was practice this week?

"Things were a little more intense but it's pretty much up to the players to come out and understand that we have to improve. We have to pay more attention to detail. The guys have done that for the most part."

What are your thoughts on S Malcolm Jenkins and he has progressed?

I think he is unreal. I have played with two guys – I played behind Jevon Kearse at (University of Florida) and played with Brian Urlacher. They were two of the guys that I thought were the most gifted guys I have ever seen. I think Malcolm is in that group. He is big, fast, agile and he has a tone of football intelligence. He is the real deal. I think he is in that group.

"When you get a player like that, everything that you could possibly say he is probably it. He is going to be a great player in this league for a long time."

How much did the work you guys accomplished at Tulane during the offseason help?

"It helped to keep some of the guys in shape and for all the guys to come out and see where everybody was at. I think that is what it was about. We came out and had a good time. We got some good work in and I think (Brees) and a lot of other captains on this team deserve a lot of credit for that."

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