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Brees: "Oxnard is Everything We Need Right Now"

Quotes from the QB's Wednesday Press Conference


New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees, Post Practice Media Availability, Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How is the setup in Oxnard?

"It's perfect. It's everything we need right now. The weather allows us to be out longer and get a lot more work done. We're playing Oakland Sunday night, kind of sequestering ourselves out here on the West Coast, just focusing on football, getting into a training camp mentality, but away from home. I think it allows us to bear down and focus on football."

Do you feel the buzz of the NFL being in Oxnard?

"This is my first time here. Sean Payton had been here with the Cowboys. Oxnard's used to having teams here with the Raiders and Cowboys. Obviously its new the Saints are in town. The reception we've received from the fans has been awesome, whether they're fans from the gulf coast that live out here or locals that have adopted us as well."

What have you been working on here?

"We've been focusing on a lot of the details, getting down to some of the elements of the offense and defense we maybe haven't had a chance to focus on a lot the first couple of weeks and now we're getting that chance."

What does it take to win a Super Bowl?

If it was easy everybody would do it. You have to catch some breaks. You hope god-willing you can stay healthy. Through a season you have ups and downs and have adversity. You wonder how teams handle that adversity. We won our first thirteen games, lost our last three and all you hear is how no team ever lost their last three and won the Super Bowl. We became that first team to do that. That's because we beared down on our plan. It didn't matter what everybody else said or what their theories were about what we should be doing to prepare for the playoffs. We knew what we needed to do. We played well in the playoffs and had a very memorable Super Bowl victory."

What does it take to win another Super Bowl?

It takes a little skill and a lot of luck but I feel like we have a lot of the pieces in place. Now it's just a matter of taking it one week at a time, not getting ahead of yourself, not getting complacent just because you have a talented team. We have to go out and earn it every time we step on the field.

Through the first two preseason games there have been different performances. Will this give us the best view of the Saints in 2011?

"If we play great, it doesn't mean it's promised to play great during the season. If we play bad, it means we still have a lot of work to do and we'll get that done prior to the first game. The first game is when you play the starters the most. It's your final dress rehearsal so to speak prior to the regular season because typically a lot of guys don't play in that game. We want to play our best in that game.

What's it like to be reunited with Darren Sproles?

"It's been great. I had one year with Sproles back in 2005 as a rookie. He was basically a kick returner. He didn't play a lot because we had guys named LaDanian Tomlinson and Michael Turner. He's obviously made the most of his opportunities there. We were lucky enough to get him here. He's been a great addition. What he can do is second to none. There are things he can do that other backs in this league don't have a chance of doing."

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