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Brandin Cooks talks about joining the New Orleans Saints

Quotes from Brandin Cooks first conference call with the New Orleans media after being drafted in the first round on Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver Brandin Cooks
Conference Call With New Orleans Media
Thursday, May 8, 2014
What thoughts were going through your mind when the Saints moved up to pick you?
"To be honest, the thoughts going through my mind were that I had a great feeling when I saw that trade I knew something special was coming.  I am very excited."
Why did you feel that way?  They didn't bring you in for a visit.  What made you feel that the Saints might be the team?
"At the combine when I had a formal interview with them I thought it was special in the case when I walked out the door and I had that vibe.  I definitely felt that since the Combine and hey, it happened so I guess that I went with my gut feeling and that was the right thing to do."
Did you take any other visits?
"I only took one visit and that was to the New York Jets."
Were you getting a little worried when the numbers started falling and you were still available?
"Not really, I wasn't worried.  I knew I was going to be called sooner or later.  I was just being patient whether it was the first pick or the last.  To just have this opportunity to play in the National Football League is unbelievable."
What is it like to come to a team with a quarterback like Drew Brees?
"To be honest, to be able to have a quarterback like him, I would say a potential future Hall of Famer, but the beauty about him, (is) he gets the ball to all of his players, all of his receivers, his tight ends, his backs, so going into an offense like that as a rookie you have to be excited."
What kind of role did the Saints discuss for you and was the possibility of returning kicks brought up as something you might do?
"I am excited about that.  Like I heard, I guess Coach Payton said they were going to use me in the slot and outside and possibly returning kicks, that's my game so I can't complain about that."
A lot of people think that you are the successor to Darren Sproles, do you know much about him and do you think you have the same skillset?
"You know I definitely know a lot about Darren Sproles, but at the same time I feel like we do have the same skillset but I am a receiver and he was more in the backfield catching screens. Now I am going to be lined up out there on the halfs so that is the beauty of it."
Coach Payton talked a lot about your visit with them.  You must have really impressed them with the way you handled yourself.  Did you feel that way?
"When I was in the meeting and after I was done, the words that they had to say on how they were impressed, more how I handle myself and how I knew the game of football, that's how I knew this was a great opportunity and a great chance."
Did I hear that right that you were given $100,000 by Adidas?  And what did you do with it?  Did you already spend it all?
"No, I didn't spend it all.  I put up half and actually bought my mother a car.  She needed one.  She was driving around in a 1999 Saturn and I wasn't having that anymore."
What is she driving now?
"She is driving a Mercedes."
Describe the offense you played in at Oregon State. I know Mike Riley is known for a pro-style offense, is it similar at all?
"Oh it is definitely similar. Like you said, it was a pro-style offense. I ran your basic routes but I also caught your screens and ran your flys and sweeps. To come from an offense like that is very helpful because I'm going to be kind of familiar with the terminology, but I'll be extremely familiar with the concepts."
After the combine what kind of communication did you have with the Saints?
"To be honest, the last time I talked with the Saints was at the combine. That speaks for itself."
You said you had a gut feeling about the Saints, did that continue all the way through the draft or were they one of a couple of teams you had a feeling about?
"I had a handful of teams. But like I was saying, if I was there when they were picking at 27 I felt like they would have gotten me but I guess they moved up a couple for it."
What does it make you think when Sean Payton praises you not just as a football player but mores so as a person?
"The beauty of that, that's what I hold myself accountable (to), being a great person, my faith, and carrying myself around and representing, the NFL now, in a great way but not just the NFL, my former college and myself. That's the difference between me and some other people."
Was there any team in particular that you were hoping to go to?
"To be honest I was just hoping I was going to the team that was on the clock. I didn't hope for anyone else. I am actually very excited for this opportunity, to play in this offense."
You seem to know a good amount of this offense, is that because you are a football fan or do you follow this team?
"I just watch football. Obviously we all know about Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints and that offense. I think you can ask anyone and they'll probably say that they let the ball fly."
Have you had any contact with coach Riley to find out what is like to be here?
"Actually not yet, I went straight to my interview so I haven't talked to him yet. But I'll have a chance to do that. The first thing I am going to ask him is where do I go eat?"
What is the fastest 40-yard dash you have run?
"The fastest 40 I have run was a 4.29 and that was coming out of college and at the NFL Combine, a 4.30."
Do you know Mike Hass very well, the guy who also won the Biletnikoff from Oregon State and was drafted by the Saints in 2006?
"No, I do not know him very well."
How about the fact that you will be competing against, a big rival with, Jacquizz Rodgers, another guy from Oregon State, in the first game of the season?
"That is going to be fun. It is going to be extremely fun to be able to compete against him, but not only him but guys that I have made connections with and made friendships with throughout this draft. I am just excited to be coming in to the National Football League."
What has this whole process been like? This day?
"To be honest this process has been short because I only had one visit, so I could continue to work out. It has been a long day but now I'm blessed and it's the highlight of my day."

Photos from the 2014 New Orleans Saints Draft. Photos by Michael C. Hebert. (New Orleans Saints photos)

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