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Bobby Boucher wins the #SaintsMovieDraft

The Waterboy linebacker dominated the competition


Helen 'Mama' Boucher may not be happy about all the support her son received for "foosball" this week but Bobby Boucher dominated the #SaintsMovieDraft en route to being voted the movie football player that would make the best draft pick.

Fans voted which fake football movie star would make the best draft pick in a 32-player bracket on this week.

Fans voted in a bracket comprised of four regionals: Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers/Running Backs, Linemen/Kickers and Linebackers/Defensive Backs. The bracket only consisted of characters from movies not based on true stories (So no Friday Night Lights, Rudy, Remember the Titans ETC).

Boucher beat all of his opponents by at least a 54 percent margin in voting, knocking off Wildcats' safety Trumaine, Draft Day's linebacker Vontae Mack, Any Given Sunday's linebacker Luther "Shark" Lavay and The Replacements' kicker Nigel 'The Leg' Gruff.

It was a tough day when Boucher lost his position as the University of Louisiana Cougars' water distribution engineer, but it sparked the beginning of an incredible football legacy.

Boucher's loveable personality and his enlarged medulla oblongata make him the perfect top pick for the #SaintsMovieDraft.

Thanks to everybody who voted!

Voting Results

Below is the Bracket (Click here for a larger PDF version)

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