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Benjamin Watson: "God Bless, and Goodbye New Orleans"

Watson played for the Saints for three seasons

Benjamin Watson signed a two-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday. He posted the below message on his website about his time in New Orleans:

Change is a part of life for an NFL family. Over my career we have been to three, now four different cities and each one has been harder than the last to depart from. Three years ago, we stepped into the unknown as God brought us to New Orleans. I was worried about where we would live, where we would go to church, if the locker room would embrace me and if the city would love my family. Three years and another child later, I can say that all the above were abundantly provided. We've thoroughly enjoyed living in this community and will always cherish the relationships and the welcoming hands that were extended to us since the day we arrived. Thank you, to the entire Saints organization for supporting my career the last three years and more importantly, for being such an advocate for all of our charitable and community endeavors. I love you, to my brothers in the locker room and those in the community who will always be our friends. I'll miss you, to the Who Dat Nation who told me they support their team like none other and continued to prove it win or loss, in season or in the offseason, and at the airport upon our arrival at 3am in the wind and rain.

Our family goal is the same as the mission of our foundation, One More. And that is to ultimately spread the love and hope of Christ to everyone we meet. I'm so grateful for what God did these last few years and am full of anticipation about what He will do in the next as we journey to a new city, Baltimore, MD.

God bless New Orleans. We love you. Who Dat!


Associated press photos of Benjamin Watson at Super Bowl 50 events.

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