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Behind The Facemask With Jon Stinchcomb

Saints tackle talks about his durability, Drew Brees and dining

Offensive tackle Jon Stinchcomb has served as the anchor of the right side for the Saints' offensive line the past five seasons. He has started 64 straight regular season games and was honored with his first Pro Bowl selection this past season.

Stinchcomb sat down with to discuss his offseason, his "real" streak and components to a good offensive line.

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*Q: What did you appreciate most about the offseason? *

JS: "What sticks out to me the most is the Championship parade. The outpouring of love and support from the fans and my interaction with them that day is going to stand out for a long time."

Q: You have started 64 straight regular season games. What would you say the key has been to your ability to stay on the field?* *

JS: "Hey now (laughter) it's 69 – the postseason games count too. It is a blessing to be able to play this game. I learned from my old offensive line coach, as soon as you get a chance to start, you don't want to let anything happen that can take that away. He said it a little bit smoother than me but it is just a blessing to be here. Anytime you can start stringing some games together it is a good thing."

Q: Every time QB Drew Brees makes a public appearance, he is always quick to thank you guys. How much do you appreciate Brees always acknowledging the work you guys do?

JS: "I have the highest respect for Brees no matter what he says at any award shows. He is always trying to spread the attention. Whether it's the running backs or the wide receivers or us, he always want to make sure they get the credit that he feels is just. We all know how special of a player he is and he really makes all of us better."

Q: What would you say is the key ingredient to a successful offensive line?

JS: "(Chemistry) is paramount. We don't play a position that is isolated. If one guy is on his own page, we are going to look pretty bad.  Chemistry and communication is paramount to our success."

Q: Who are your closest friends on the team?

JS: "I would say Troy Evans and Zach Strief."

Q: You are an Atlanta native but have played your entire eight-year career in New Orleans. If you had to pick one restaurant to eat at what would it be?

JS: "Oh Wow! Only one spot? I would probably take Jacques-Imo's. Thanks – I just upset all the other restaurants I love in New Orleans (laughter.)"

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