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Behind The Facemask: Sean Canfield

Rookie QB talks about a fishing experience

Fresh out of Oregon State, Sean Canfield looks to make the final roster for the Saints after being drafted in the 7th round. The California native started 24 games for the Beavers even though he suffered a serious shoulder injury during his sophomore year. He made a full recovery and was able to complete almost 70% of his passes during his senior campaign. He currently ranks fourth all-time in the Oregon State record books for both Yards and Touchdowns in a single season.

Canfield conversed with regarding his love of movies, receiving an award from Drew Brees, and catching a shark.

You had a 67.9% completion percentage in college. How were you able to be so accurate? I had a great surrounding cast. I had great coaching. We ran a pro style offense. I started as a sophomore, and got hurt and only played half of my junior year. I was really prepared for my senior season. I spent a lot of time, at Oregon State, in that offense. I just tried to take care of the football, and be smart. I had a lot of talent around me.

After your severe shoulder injury, was it hard to come back right away?It was. It was a nine month deal. I had surgery a month after it happened. It was similar to Drew's (Brees). It took me a little while longer to come back from it. I just had to be patient. When I got my shot, I played well and I was fortunate enough to be healthy the rest of the time.

How much different is the Saints' offense than the pro style offense you ran at Oregon State?It's more complex and more quarterback dependent. There are more responsibilities with protections. The verb-age is different. There was a lot more memorization in college because everything was word based and here everything is number based in the run game. It's definitely harder, but a similar scheme. Progressions are the same, and routes aren't too different.

Do you feel that by getting different looks every day in practice you will be better prepared for the NFL season?It's tough. I think that getting your protections and the Mike IDs right is the hardest thing. There is a lot on the quarterback. Its hectic at times running a two minute drill with guys coming everywhere telling different looks. Its stuff that you don't see most of the time, our defense is doing. It prepares us for the season. What we are going to see is probably near what we are getting every day now.

Talk about the award the Drew Brees gave to your high school.I was a sophomore and we had just won the CIF championship. He came with Quentin Jammer and presented our rings to us. I met him back when I was 15. It was his first or second year in the league.

How does it feel to have been there and now you are playing with him in the NFL?We both talk about it from time to time. It's crazy to think he was in the NFL, and I was a sophomore in high school and now we are on the same team.

How does it feel to come in to a Super Bowl winning team?It feels great. I was here for OTAs, which was great. I got my feet wet and everyone was in high spirits. It's a great coaching staff and there is no conflict in the locker room. It's a great locker room. Anyone who is drafted here, when they first get here, they can sense the excitement that the fans have for this city and for this team.

What do you think of training camp so far?It's been long days. It's the same in college, but you have to do more studying. You have to be in your room studying a lot more because of the offense that we are running and all of the responsibility that Coach (Sean) Payton puts on his quarterback. Its mentally draining at times, but you just have to stay positive.

What kind of things do you like to do off the field?I am pretty low-key. I like to go see movies. I went fishing this off-season. Drew (Brees) said I had to catch an animal that was 100 lbs or more. I hooked a 350 lbs shark, but it bit through our steel leader. I still have the leader, so that was a good story. I like to hang out with my buddies. I love to golf. My mom has been in the golf business for a long time.

What is your favorite movie both recently and all-time?My favorite movie of all time is Good Will Hunting, so far. I saw Inception and it was pretty good. I saw Salt, it was pretty good and Angelina was looking good. I don't know, I have seen a lot of movies recently.

What is your favorite thing about New Orleans?The humidity. No, seriously, I would have to say the atmosphere. Just being around the facility, or being downtown. The excitement that everybody has for this team.

What is your favorite restaurant here?Felipe's in the French Quarter. I like the spicy chicken burrito.

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