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Behind The Facemask: Malcolm Jenkins

Second year defensive back making transition to safety

DB Malcolm Jenkins played in 14 games with six starts as a rookie in 2009. He recorded 51 tackles (41 solo) with one interception and five pass defenses. Jenkins was a special teams standout, making nine tackles and forcing two fumbles, one of which he recovered.

Jenkins has moved to the safety position this season and has splitting time with DB Usama Youngin first team reps while DB Darren Sharperis on the PUP list.

Jenkins talked with about his transition to safety, love for New Orleans and first experience in the Superdome.

Q: How has the move the safety been so far?

MJ: "It has been good. I think I have done a good job of just learning it and transitioning over to a new position. Now it is just about getting more reps and experiencing it."

Q: How much does it help having a 14-year veteran in Pro Bowler Darren Sharper helping you along the way?

MJ: "He has been teaching me everything he knows. He has approached me and said 'I am going to teach you everything I know, you just have to trust me.' I am all ears when he talks. I hope to learn everything I can from him."

Q: How was it to win a Super Bowl your first year in the NFL?

MJ: "The crazy thing about it is when you are rookie, you don't get to enjoy everything because everything is going 100 miles per hour. The season gets long and for it to end like it did and for me to actually play in the game, was unreal."

Q: What have you enjoyed most about living in New Orleans?

MJ: "I think New Orleans has been the perfect spot for me because back in Jersey, I don't really like living near New York because everything is so fast paced. Then at Ohio State, everything is slow and nobody is really in a hurry to do anything. To come to New Orleans, where there is a lot going, but it is still not as crazy as New York - I like that."

Q: The first time you played in the Superdome was when you were at Ohio State and you guys fell to LSU in the 2007 BCS National Championship. Did that impact your view of New Orleans when you realized you first found out you would playing for the Saints?

MJ: "It didn't change my opinion of New Orleans, maybe LSU (laughter). I mean, I got an interception in the game so maybe that was an omen for me (laughter.)"

Q: What field would you like to work in once you playing career is over?

MJ: "I graduated in communications at Ohio State so I want to stay in that. I want to get involved in public speaking and motivational speaking type things."

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