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Behind the Facemask: Junior Galette

Fans were able to submit questions for DE Junior Galette to the Saints Twitter account

gallette_celebrate_.jpg is giving fans an opportunity to submit their questions for their favorite players. Throughout training camp, the Saints will announce a selected player via the team's Twitter account (@Saints) and fans will be able to reply with questions.*

On Sunday, fans were able to submit questions for DE Junior Galette.

Galette is entering his third season with the Saints after being signed as an undrafted free agent. In just two years, Galette has moved from mainly a special teams contributor to one of the teams most threatening pass rushers. The Haiti native who played college football at Division II. Stillman made major strides in his second season, recording 27 tackles (15 solo) and 4.5 sacks which placed him third on the team.

What do you think is the biggest difference in your game between last offseason and this offseason?

"I think I am a much more complete defensive end. I understand when to pass rush and when to keep the tempo down and stop the run. I am working on being a more complete defensive end as opposed to being a one-dimensional pass rusher. I think that is the major difference. I am learning more and more from Will Smith on how to stop the run better."

When you are rushing the passer, what is going through your head on the way to the quarterback?

"That I have about 2.8 seconds to get there. If I don't get there, the ball is most likely going to be released. I basically have a clock in my head. It goes to three to see if I can get there. If not, I try to make other moves and try to make a play. For the most part, there is a clock in my head that is there naturally and I know I have to get there as fast as possible."

What are the biggest differences that you think the fans will notice in the new defensive scheme?

"I think the pressure that will be brought from the front four. We rarely rushed out of a four-man rush last year. Probably 85-90 percent of the time, we were in three-man rush. I think we will get a lot more quarterback sacks. I think that number will naturally go up with a four-man pass rush."

How much does facing the talented Saints offensive line help you improve?

"I am convinced that is the best offensive line that we go against. It prepares us to go against the other teams. That is an advantage that we have - such a high motored offense. When you get to a game, it is much easier playing other guys with a less cohesive and talented offensive line."

What is your biggest motivator?    

"My biggest motivator is my family in Haiti and my father. My father just recently had a heart attack and I was there to witness it. That is the biggest motivating factor in my life, to get him to the Super Bowl one day. With that being said, we have to get there as a team. When I am out there, I give it all that I've got so that he can see me under those big bright lights and to win the Super Bowl at the highest level."

What is one thing you would tell a young athlete about work ethic?

"Work ethic is something you can never lose. The same things that brought you here are the same things that are going to keep you here which is the work ethic. Once you lose that, you can be as talented as you want but you are only lying to yourself. You have to keep the same mindset that got you in here when you are in your third, fourth, fifth or sixth year here. You have to keep that same mindset - that somebody is out there to take your job. You have to be consistent."

What is your favorite restaurant in New Orleans?

"I would have to say Ruth's Chris or Delmonico's."

What is your favorite offseason activity?

"My favorite offseason activity is playing basketball and spending time with my family. I love to play with my brother's kids. My brother recently had a daughter. I am kind of laid back but I like to spend time with my family and other friends who watched me grow up to where I am right now. I like to just relax for the most part, I don't really go out too much. Basketball, that was my favorite sport at first until I learned how to play football. It keeps me in shape too."

What is your favorite part of being in this organization?

"The fans. If I couldn't say the fans, it is the coaches. This is a very functional organization. It is a family. The coaches really care about the players. They ask what is going on in your life and they know what is going on with you in your life. That is one of the biggest things, to have a second family. To be able to come here and feel like I am at home and not with a bunch of strangers. It just feels great to have such great coaches that are passionate about football. I would definitely have to say the coaches and the fans."

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